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China's LED development ushered in a special period in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-11
In 2014, it must be a restless era. LED development has entered a special period. It can be seen from many aspects that the LED era has developed to a special node. The following three points are summarized, 1. Data: it is not difficult to see from the industry data that the sales volume of LED products of some brands has reached or more of the total sales volume. For example, sunshine, Buddha photos, etc. are all representative brands. 2. Substitution: the performance and price of LED products have been replaced by fluorescent products, and the replacement of HID is expected to be completed this year. LED gradually replaces the original lamps and realizes LED to completely cover the market. 3. Decline: The sales volume of Philips and other traditional light source products has dropped significantly and their proportion has gradually decreased. From the above three points, it is not difficult to see that LED lighting has ushered in the peak period of transformation, so enterprises should be prepared to welcome the arrival of the big era with a good attitude. Some time ago, two lighting companies in China were expelled from Frankfurt lighting show. In fact, Frankfurt lighting exhibition, as a grand gathering of the world lighting industry, is forward-looking. It gathers professional target customer groups from all over the world to ensure that products are displayed on the platform, and more directly understand the trend of new trends and advanced science and technology. However, the nature of Frankfurt lighting exhibition determines the purpose of the exhibition. Most of the exhibitors are giants in the industry and large-scale foreign enterprises. Such enterprises attach importance to the innovation of cutting-edge technologies, they have products suitable for current sales, products suitable for future sales, and their technical research. I think innovation plays the role of Mr. Guan Jian in the development of the lighting industry and plays a vital role. Semiconductor Lighting enables lighting to complete the transformation from analog to digital, opening up unlimited imagination for future innovation. At present, China is slightly conservative in innovation, which is also determined by the market form. Domestic enterprises have not paid much attention to innovation and research and development, and the cost has not been greatly supported, the low support rate of the market determines the speed of innovation. In order to innovate, decision makers are very important. They need to emancipate their minds, introduce talents, encourage funds, pay attention to intellectual property rights, learn from similar advanced brands, introduce technologies, absorb technologies, digest technologies, and then add new technologies, self-developed, with independent innovation capabilities. In order to realize independent innovation, we must do the following four things: we must have a strong enterprising spirit and constantly surpass ourselves, which is an important driving force for improving our own innovative consciousness and ability. Second, we should have a deep sense of hardship and constantly adapt to the needs of society and enterprise development, which is another main source of power to improve our own innovation consciousness and innovation ability. Third, we should be good at learning and summarizing, and constantly improve our own quality, which is an important ability guarantee to improve our own innovation consciousness and innovation ability. Fourth, we should be diligent in finding and solving problems existing in our work. The development pace of LED lighting industry is fast. The so-called fast refers to the fast change of the industry itself on the one hand and the fast dissemination of information on the other. At present, there are many innovative management modes in the market, A lot of fresh water was drained for this LED tide. Opportunity equals speed. Now is the era of information development is very fast, technology is obviously very important. We can see that the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry are developing very fast, accounting for a very large proportion, and the growth rate is also very fast. As can be seen from the statistical report, such rapid growth brings us a huge opportunity. There is not a linear relationship between price reduction and profit, which depends on the strategy and management ability of the whole company. The rapid development of enterprises can be realized by shortening the product chain, adopting innovative technologies, improving information chain management, controlling financial costs and many other methods, so that LED lighting can enter thousands of households.
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