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China's LED bulb export enterprises TOP10 in the first quarter of 2017

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-03
After several periods of water testing, Xiao Bian was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone likes to watch the ranking list very much, so this issue of Xiao Bian also brings you a ranking list of LED products. In addition, everyone also likes to look at the rankings or content, welcome to leave a message after the text, Xiaobian must wholeheartedly search for information for everyone in the name of the people! A few days ago, Xiao Bian announced the export situation of China's LED lighting products in the first quarter of 2017. From the data, we can find that China's LED lighting exports exceeded 2. 6 billion US dollars in the first quarter of 2017. From the analysis of lighting product types, it is found that indoor lighting accounts for 70%, and in indoor lighting, bulb lamps account for 4. 5%. $9. 2 billion topped the list, 2. More than the second-ranked tube lamp. 0. 2 billion US dollars, up from the same period in 2016. 68. In the first quarter, the United States took 1. Imports of US $5. 3 billion ranked first, accounting for 31. Of the market. 04, followed by Canada, Brazil, Japan and the United Kingdom, the top five countries in the import of bulbs accounted for only 46. 19, indicating that the countries that import bulb lamps are still relatively scattered. The ranking of the top ten enterprises in export is shown in the following figure. The total export volume of bulb lamps of the top ten enterprises is 1. US $8. 8 billion, accounting for of the bulb lamp export market. 16, it can be seen that the enterprise concentration of bulb lamp is not high.
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