Chenzhou city strives to achieve LED industry breakthrough of 100 billion yuan in 2020

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-26
From the 'Zhangzhou LED industry development plan' held recently (2014-2020) The expert review meeting learned that by 2020, Chenzhou city will strive to exceed 100 billion yuan in LED industry scale. LED is a compound semiconductor component that converts electric energy into light. It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, environmental protection, long service life, small volume, easy maintenance, etc, it is currently the world's advanced lighting technology. Chenzhou City is the second batch of ten-city wanzhan semiconductor lighting application project pilot demonstration city in China. LED industry is mainly concentrated in Chenzhou export processing zone, the main enterprises include Hualei Optoelectronics, Delta Electronics, Philips Lighting, Changqi new energy, etc. 2013 Chenzhou city semiconductor lighting industry output value up to 2. 1 billion yuan with than growth 30 is Chenzhou city electronic information industry in growth fast plate. Chenzhou City is the south gate of Hunan province, close to the Pearl River Delta. It is the frontier position for Hunan province to undertake industrial transfer. It is also the place for LED enterprises in coastal areas to enter the mainland for transfer. It has the advantage of developing LED industry. According to the plan, the orientation of the future development of LED industry in Chenzhou city is to achieve the development goal of strengthening the upstream, making the essence of the middle and expanding the downstream. By increasing investment intensity and undertaking industrial transfer, the introduction of LED international and domestic leading enterprises settled in Chenzhou, forming an industrial system covering the upper, middle and lower reaches of the perfect industrial chain, and building an international and domestic LED industrial base and 100 billion industrial clusters, gradually make LED industry become one of the pillar industries of the city's economic development.
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