centre\s led scheme pares delhi\s peak demand by 145 mw | india news - times of india-ALLTOP-img

centre\'s led scheme pares delhi\'s peak demand by 145 mw | india news - times of india

by:ALLTOP      2019-10-09
New delhi: the plan of Narendra Modi\'s government is to allow consumers to replace inefficient CFL or incandescent lamps with LED bulbs at a discount, which reduces the peak load of delhi solar by 145 mw, and saved the electricity bill.
The Prime Minister announced the campaign, called the domestic efficient lighting program. DELP), on January 5.
The programme was launched in Delhi in June 1 and will end in December 31.
Since its launch, 43 lakh bulbs have been distributed in nearly 11 lakh households in Delhi, with an estimated energy saving of 1 per day. 5 million units
The plan also brings environmental dividends.
Energy Efficiency Services LimitedEESL)
The node agency that implemented the plan in participating countries believes that Delhi\'s daily greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by equivalent to 1,259 tons of carbon dioxide.
Power Minister Pew Goyal is expected to allocate six crore LED bulbs through the DELP program.
The government has distributed about three copies.
LED bulb 88 crore.
This reduced the country\'s peak demand by 1,292 MW, saving the cost of Rs 5,000.
It is estimated that the plan will also save more than 11 million units of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 11,288 tons of carbon dioxide per day.
In related developments, the renewable energy department has stopped subsidies to the CFL.
Encourage the use of the LED version of the solar lighting system.
According to the DELP program, consumers in Delhi can pay up to 10 LED bulbs per home in advance.
These technology-advanced LEDs are sold at a discounted price of Rs 93 per unit, and the market price is about Rs 350.
Each LED bulb can help consumers save Rs 160 to Rs 400 per year with a life expectancy of 25,000 hours, so the cost recovery is less than a year.
These bulbs are available at distribution kiosks throughout Delhi, and the same list is available at www. delp. in.
In order to use the program, the customer will need to provide a copy of the latest electricity bill, along with a copy of the ID certificate.
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