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Can the 'old diseases' of LED industry be fundamentally cured in 2014?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-01
The cold winter has arrived. Some people say that LED products will be sold well at the end of the year, but others think that the surplus of LED products is not a one-day product, and most of the hot-selling enterprises at the end of the year are dealing with inventory, it is unavoidable to make a fuss about the price. It is not clear what impact such a hot sale will have on the industry. In 2013, the LED industry as a whole recovered, but just as the freezing three feet did not last a day, can the old diseases of the LED industry be completely cured in 2014? Old Disease 1: The price of LED products has always been one of the issues that have attracted much attention in the industry. If it is high, it will be considered not close to the people, and if it is low, it will be said to be self-declining, therefore, the industry lacks a clear and clear standard, and the price has always been in an awkward position. The price of the product has become a problem at the same time as the cost and the market, business owners sell as much as they decide, while in the consumer market, it seems that there are people who spend as much money on products. Old Disease 2: Policy: The United States will completely ban incandescent lamps from New Year's Day 2014, which will be a great opportunity for LED products to compete for market space, however, this kind of favorable or disguised favorable policies for the LED industry have emerged one after another in recent years. Policy poisoning has made the LED industry rely too much on government support, although everyone understands that the future of the industry depends on the commercial market, however, most enterprises still wait and see the government's trends at all times during their development, and immediately change the focus of enterprises as soon as they have the opportunity. Most LED enterprises have Poisoning. Imagine standing on the shoulders of giants. Who will not be willing to stand? Old Disease three: the concept, the concept of backwardness involves many aspects, channels, design, brand, marketing and other aspects can no longer be measured and considered by the old concept, there are enterprises transformed from traditional lamps, although it has Channel advantages, it is also necessary to carry out adaptive reform of channels or original projects. What kind of consumers are we facing? Through which channels do they know about products? What channels are used to purchase products? With the continuous development of various technologies, how should we go ahead with the name of this high-tech industry? What are the old diseases of LED industry? How can we cure it?
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