Can the lighting power of the integrated solar street light reach 100W?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

Recently, the editor found on Taobao that the sales of solar street lights are particularly good, especially integrated solar street lights. The price of solar street lamps sold by many internal businesses is not only low, but also claims that the lighting power can reach W. So can the lighting power of the integrated solar street light reach W? Next, the editor will answer this question in detail.

The lighting power of solar street lights is mainly related to the power of solar panels, battery capacity and light source power. If you want solar street lights to turn on high power, then the power of the battery panel, the battery capacity and the power of the light source must be large. There is a proportional relationship between them. At present, the lighting power of rural rice solar street lights on the market is around W~W, and rural solar street lights are government projects that benefit the people, and the configuration requirements are definitely not low. What about W's integrated solar street light? Is W brighter than W solar street light? Obviously not. In fact, the so-called 'W integrated solar street light' on Taobao has not really reached W. The difference between it and the normal rural solar street light is:
.The internal chips of solar lamps are different
Normal rural solar street lights use SMD wafers, Philips and Bridgelux chips, while the integrated solar street lights on Taobao use CVB module light sources, which have a huge price advantage, but their service life is not long, and the brightness effect is not Good, and their actual lighting power is also the brightness power of normal rural solar street lights.
. Internal battery material and capacity are different
Because solar lithium batteries and solar panels are designed inside and on top of integrated solar street lamps, there is not enough space to place larger capacity lithium batteries and higher power solar panels. Usually the capacity of lithium batteries is only It is half of normal rural solar street lights. And the battery core used in the lithium battery is lithium iron phosphate, which is generally made into a single string of .V voltage. Therefore, the overall system is unstable, and the actual lighting power is very low.
In summary, the lighting power of integrated solar street lights on Taobao can't actually reach W. Therefore, in the installation of rural roads, we still try to choose a formal solar street lamp manufacturer to purchase, so that the quality and after-sales are more guaranteed. If it is used in a family courtyard, you can choose this type of integrated solar street light called W.

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