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Can LED cross-Strait integration and love be completed?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-08
The situation of LED upstream chip overcapacity is difficult to solve in a short time. The consolidation of LED factories is still a major trend in the overall industry in 2013. Starting from the second half of 2012, the consolidation of LED factories on both sides of the strait has spread, among them, the progress of the first cross-Strait LED factory cooperation in the form of equity participation in San'an and Yuanyuan has attracted attention from the outside world. As for another large crystal crystal factory, after the integration of guangga in 2012, jingdian plans to introduce private equity partners in 2012. The partners of Jingdian have not been clear for a long time. The market is speculating. Jingdian is expected to introduce international manufacturers as private equity partners, whether China's large LED factories will become the object of Crystal electricity marriage also gives the outside world a lot of imagination. Many operators across the Taiwan Strait are interested in merging. According to LEDinside statistics, by the end of 2012, the number of MOCVD equipment in China had exceeded 900 units, but the utilization rate of MOCVD capacity in China was less than in 2012. Market participants also estimate that MOCVD machines will increase by another 130 in 2013- 140 units, showing the supply and demand of upstream chips, may not easily return to a balanced state. Industrial consolidation will be the way out to solve the structural problems of upstream chip surplus. With the improvement of product energy of mainland grain factories and the huge market opportunities, the cooperation and consolidation of cross-Strait LED factories seems to be one of the possible routes. The rugged road to cooperation between Anzhen and Anzhen November 12, 2012 Yuanyuan announced the introduction of Sanan Optoelectronics as a private equity partner. The Cooperation case of the land factory's participation in the LED plant opened the first case for cross-Strait LED cooperation. However, after the procedures of the Taiwan administrative department for half a year, it seems that there is no fixed number of private equity cases for the introduction of Sanan funds, since Sanan was previously exposed to operational structure problems, it is still to be seen whether the investment review will be successful. On the other hand, Yuyuan 2012 and the Japanese big factory ToyotaGosei (TG Toyota synthesis) Reconciliation, and signed a patent interactive authorization contract, Sanan's patent energy in the round, I hope that the cooperation between the two sides will solve the patent problem, whether it is as expected by both parties to proceed smoothly. The road to the first cross-Strait LED marriage seems to be still rugged, and it will take time to verify whether it can be completed. If Jingdian introduces foreign capital to become a shareholder, who will be announced, and after the merger of guangga in 2012, the private placement plan has attracted much attention from the outside world. Jingdian previously said that its private placement targets will be mainly international large factories with lighting outlets, and the outside world has also speculated that Jingdian 2013 has also received lighting orders from international large factories, the possibility for international LED manufacturers to invest in crystal power is quite high, and Li Bingjie, chairman of Crystal Power, has reservations about the strategy of allowing Luchang to participate in shares in the past. However, with the improvement of the technical capability and scale of Lujiang plant, coupled with the huge mouth of the sea, the consolidation and cooperation of the cross-Strait industries has already taken shape. The outside world also has a private partner for Jingdian. In addition to the international big factory, does it consider the land factory? Some imagination space is reserved.
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