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ByteLight obtains financing with LED light positioning technology

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-18
Recently, ByteLight, an American indoor lighting company, has obtained A round of financing of 3 million US dollars by using its LED lamp indoor positioning technology. Investors include FlywheelVentures and MotorolaSolutionsVentureCapital. Different from other service providers that use WiFi signals for indoor positioning, ByteLight chooses LED indoor positioning. LED lamps embedded with ByteLight chips emit flashing signals (This kind of flicker is not perceived by the naked eye) , When the consumer opens an application that supports ByteLight, the mobile phone camera will detect these signals to identify the user's current location. ByteLight's positioning technology is to transform LED lamps on the production line, and the cost of each new lamp is 10 cents higher than that of ordinary lamps. Its positioning technology is within 1 meter, and the time for calculating the position is less than one second. In the business model, ByteLight is the form of technology authorization. It does not produce chips or lamps, but to manufacturers (And) Provide hardware technology authorization and supporting mobile application technology. At present, the customers of ByteLight indoor positioning service are mainly retailers. In addition to being used for indoor navigation, the more important thing should be that retailers can do marketing based on the specific location of consumers in the store and ultimately affect consumption decisions.
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