'Business photo + home' dual engine development Opal lighting future performance growth can be expected

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-26
Recently op lighting released the 2017 performance Express of said the Company 2017 Annual Operating Total income 69. 5. 7 billion yuan, an increase of 27. 03; Achieve total profit of 8. 0. 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32. 44; Realize the net profit of the mother 6. 8. 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34. 44. Overall, the company's operating conditions are stable. Recently, Op lighting released the '2017 performance Express' saying that the company achieved a total operating income of 69. 5% in 2017. 5. 7 billion yuan, an increase of 27. 03; Achieve total profit of 8. 0. 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32. 44; Realize the net profit of the mother 6. 8. 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34. 44. Overall, the company's operating conditions are stable and its performance has risen steadily. In 2017, Opal lighting extended to the whole lighting solution service sector on the basis of traditional lighting source manufacturing, keeping up with the trend of light source/lamp integration under the accelerated integration of the lighting industry, gradually highlight the company's industry competitive advantages in technology, manufacturing, brand and other aspects. In the future, the company is expected to further deepen the brand's influence in the LED field with the help of the leading position in the lighting industry. At present, under the trend of rapid replacement of traditional energy-saving lighting by domestic LED energy-saving lighting, the LED energy-saving products of Opal lighting rapidly occupy the market under the dual-engine drive of its commercial home, bring considerable sales performance to the enterprise. Extend the business sector and lay out the market in 2017, Opal lighting enriched the product categories and extended the business sector, and gradually transformed into a service provider for lighting systems and integrated home furnishing solutions. The company is based on lighting products, continue to expand the category to electrician, integrated home, bathroom, etc. , and constantly enrich the home lighting product series, launch western retro, new Asian fashion, crystal lamp and other stylized products, and based on the advantages of channel platform, develop various business sectors. At the same time, Opal lighting increased investment in various channels to enhance the penetration of all channels. In the field of home lighting, Op lighting continuously optimizes the classification system of distributors. In the aspect of terminal construction, the company accelerates to increase the coverage rate of network and further enriches the terminal forms; In the aspect of store operation, Op optimized the operation standard of retail stores and formulated the retail operation management manual, so as to cultivate the operation and management ability of dealers in big stores and improve the sales skills of store guides, while assisting terminal sales, it will bring consumers a good shopping environment and a one-stop shopping experience. In addition, Opal lighting also strives to build a lighting enterprise by cultivating overseas market operation teams. Facing the international key markets, Opper implemented the localized operation and management mode, added local operation teams in Indonesia and Thailand, and enhanced the local brand influence. At the same time, in order to coordinate the strategic layout, the company has increased the training and reserve of international talents, and officially launched the Opal Eagle talent development plan. Following the trend of e-commerce, Op lighting has paid more and more attention to the development of e-commerce in recent years. Its investment has increased year by year and its achievements are even more impressive. It is reported that as early as 2008, op lighting has opened the Tmall flagship store; 2011 gradually focus on and cut into the e-commerce field; 2012 recognized the importance of e-commerce channels for the future development of enterprises, set up e-commerce business units, recruit professionals, and strengthen brand promotion in e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and Jingdong; In 2013, it even began to further increase investment in the field of e-commerce; 2014 so far op e-commerce performance to achieve double growth 2017 double eleven day implementation 0. 3 billion yuan sales continuous five years in lighting home improvement industry row first year e-commerce income accounted for than to natural 20 above. It can be seen that in recent years, online e-commerce has become an important sales channel for op lighting. The rapid growth of performance has made e-commerce business an important growth pole for the rapid development of op lighting performance. Digital transformation layout smart lighting, under the wave of Internet technology, Op lighting actively embraces the Internet, uses digital technology to carry out efficient management changes, driven by personalized market demand, we will proactively Reserve core technical capabilities, significantly improve the efficiency of production and manufacturing, and use digital technology to standardize the data of human experience, leading to innovation in the entire industry. This is the key to the success of op lighting's digital transformation. On the basis of the firm implementation of digital transformation in the whole company, Op lighting has continuously carried out intelligent research and development of products, and has realized the control from single lamp to smart home in the whole house, and has also realized automatic scale production in product manufacturing; At the same time, Opal lighting provides customized lighting solutions for different groups of people, and designs lights that meet their needs according to different physiological, psychological and lighting scenarios of children, adults and the elderly, make consumers' home life easier. Now the sales volume of intelligent lamps has exceeded 0. 2 billion yuan, and large enterprises such as Huawei and Tencent have become partners of op lighting. Intelligent life has become the development trend of the future world. Opal lighting has been exploring the infinite possibilities of the future, seeking the connection point between intelligent lighting and future life, and has the ability to embrace the future, create a comfortable life of higher quality for users. Summary: With the continuous decline in the price of LED light sources, the penetration rate of LED industry is bound to accelerate, and the entry threshold for the industry will gradually increase. Large enterprises can use the brand influence to deepen the original market and open up new fields. As a leading enterprise in LED industry, Opal lighting has significant advantages in brand, channel, research and development technology, production and operation, talents and management, etc. The sales scale of the company's products is expected to further expand, future performance growth is expected.
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