Buried lamp installation need to remember a few key points

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Buried lights must detect the waterproof rating of lamps and lanterns in the process of directly above guarantee IP67, it waterproof inspection methods will be buried lamp in birdbath, 5 cm from the surface of the glass surface electric commissioning for 48 hours, every two hours during open shut down five or six times or so, check the waterproof heat cooling condition. Wire joint sealing to general lighting wiring mouth buried lights have special sealing rubber ring and stainless steel firmware, first of all, the cable through the rubber ring, then tighten the firmware to stainless steel wire can't pull out the sealing rubber ring, at the same time into the line must be used when connected to terminal waterproof connector, wiring is completed on the edge of the box or the glue seal internal filling wax processing. Well when the construction of the underground water seepage process, led buried lights to decorate in the lawn area on the appropriate USES with the mouth big trapezoidal cylindrical embedded parts, garden barrel for rigid area appropriate USES embedded parts, installed in each of the buried lights do permeable layer of gravel and sand. In buried lights installed to open the cover, the lamps and lanterns bright half an hour on the back cover, the lamps and lanterns lumen maintain a vacuum, use outdoor atmosphere pressure lamp cover sealing ring. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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