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Briefly introduce the installation method of solar road lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

I believe that when many customers first started buying solar street lights, they were very worried about its installation. They often asked our solar street light manufacturers to send technical installation instructors. In fact, the installation of solar street lights is very simple, so you don’t need to ask us. The technicians in the past used to guide the installation, wasting manpower and material resources, only need to find an electrician to complete the installation. In fact, we need to know how to install solar road lights. We must first know what constitutes solar road lights: solar street light poles, solar panels, controllers, batteries, buried boxes (no need for lithium batteries), embedded parts, led lamps. Now I will briefly introduce its installation method.

1. Determine the installation position of the solar road light and make sure that there are no obstructions around
2. Dig a hole according to the size of the basic cage, insert the PC pipe, pour cement, and wait for it to dry naturally.
3. The solar panel should be installed in the south direction, and the direction can be adjusted by screws. The inclination angle of the cantilever of the light pole and the orientation and inclination angle of the solar cell should be coordinated with the direction and angle.
Fourth, use a thin wire to lead the wires from the battery board interface and the led lamp interface, install the led lamp, and tighten the screws. When it is on, connect the negative pole of the battery board, wait for a second, and the light is off, indicating that the solar road light system is normal.

The above is the author's brief introduction to the installation of solar road lights. It may not be very complete. I hope that all purchasers can understand. The main purpose of this article is to tell everyone that the installation of solar road lights is really good. It's simple. Don't worry about buying a solar street light, and you can't install it locally. You can solve the installation problem by yourself, so feel free to buy it.

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