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【BFC8123 】LED explosion-proof floodlight special lamps for indoor and outdoor operations

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
【BFC 】LED explosion-proof floodlight special lamps for indoor and outdoor operations

【BFC 】Explosion-proof LED floodlight meets the needs of fixed lighting in flammable and explosive places and related roads, indoor and outdoor operations and construction sites, and can work safely in flammable and explosive places.

【BFC 】Technical parameters:

Explosion-proof mark: ExdIIBT/T; rated voltage: V/Hz; rated power: W; light source type: LED; insulation class: I; anti-corrosion class: WF; enclosure protection class: IP; inlet thread: G/ '; Lead-in cable: φ~φmm; Dimensions (mm): **; Total weight: .kg.

. Meet the requirements of the * new explosion-proof lamps, and can work safely and reliably in flammable and explosive hazardous locations.

.Using high-efficiency and energy-saving LED as the light source, the light efficiency is high, and the life span is up to hours.

.The lamp body is made of light alloy material, which has high strength, strong corrosion resistance and good impact resistance.

.The transparent parts are made of high-temperature-resistant special toughened glass, which expands the heat dissipation space, reduces the temperature rise and improves the life of the bulb.

.The surface of the lamp adopts the latest spraying technology, which does not change color, does not rust, is waterproof and rain, and can also be used outdoors for a long time.

.Small size and light weight, it can adopt various installation methods such as boom type, wall-mounted type, ceiling type and lamp pole type, and the operation is simple and convenient

The company has passed the ISO international quality system audit certification. This product strictly implements the ISO international quality management system standard production to ensure that the product quality fully meets the national standards and design requirements. The product has an annual warranty (light source warranty for one year), self-purchasing Within one year from the date of the product, the company will be responsible for free maintenance for any failures in the normal use of the product.
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