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Approval of special funds for LED industry development is 'blocked'

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-29
According to reports, taking advantage of the position of managing state special funds, Chen zhubing, former director of the General Department of the enterprise department of the Ministry of Finance, requires enterprises to withdraw treatment fees according to 20 for each special fund distributed to relevant enterprises, by this means, Chen zhubing illegally received a total of 24. 54 million yuan of enterprise property alone or in conjunction with others. The government set up special funds to support specific industries or industries with good original intention, but the opacity of management makes good things worse, breeding chaos and hidden rules, which not only wastes state funds, in fact, it also destroys the balance of market competition and even affects the development of the industry. Li Xinghua, director of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, was found to be quite telling the problem. Li's fall and Guangdong's financial investment are 4. Per year. The establishment of a special fund for the development of LED industry with 0. 5 billion yuan is related to the shady scene. Under the hidden rules, many LED enterprises are not doing their jobs properly and are bent on receiving subsidies. Huge subsidies have been taken away by listed companies and state-owned enterprises with good government relations, while some enterprises that have received subsidies are even empty shells. At the same time, due to information asymmetry, some central enterprises do not even know the existence of some policy subsidies. In the absence of effective management, the more government subsidies, the greater the side effects sometimes. In recent years, typical counterexamples have occurred in the photovoltaic industry. In the photovoltaic industry, excessive government subsidies have misled many enterprises. They are not trying their best to compete for the market, improve the quality and reduce the cost and selling price, but trying their best to please the government and blindly expand their investment, in order to enter the subsidy list, the final photovoltaic industry has overcapacity and frequent problems. In addition, it is worth rethinking whether the government is reasonable in supporting a certain industry and subsidizing specific enterprises. In reality, enterprises that can obtain subsidies from government funds are often larger in scale or have good relations with the government. After receiving subsidies, these enterprises have strengthened their competitive advantages, this has resulted in the phenomenon of the strong and the strong, greatly suppressing the living space of those small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, subsidized enterprises are also prone to trade disputes, as exemplified by the recent Sino-European photovoltaic dispute. Under the market economy, the less government intervenes in the economy, the better, creating an equal competitive environment, levying reasonable tax burden and giving enterprises full freedom are the good support for an industry. In this sense, the fewer special funds to assist specific industries, the better. Reduce subsidies, simplify the examination and approval of retained subsidy funds, strengthen supervision and promote transparent operation, so as to eradicate the hidden rules of special fund examination and approval.
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