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Application Analysis of LED in medical health field

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-01
With the gradual popularization and application of LED in the field of general lighting, cross-field cooperation with other industries such as communication, medical treatment, plants, agriculture and so on has also attracted much attention, surpassing the application of lighting, it is an inevitable requirement for the intelligent and personalized development of the LED industry in the future. It is the innovation of products and the innovation of business models. Let's take a look at the applications of LED in the medical and health fields in 2013. I. Deep ultraviolet LED medical research and development has become a new hot spot. Deep ultraviolet light refers to light waves with wavelengths between 100 nm and 280 nm, it has great application value in the fields of sterilization, medical treatment, biochemical detection, high-density information storage and secure communication. Compared with mercury lamp ultraviolet light source, based on aluminum gallium nitride (algan)Material of deep ultraviolet light emitting diode (led) It has the advantages of firmness, energy saving, long service life, no mercury and environmental protection, and is gradually penetrating into the traditional application field of mercury lamps. At the same time, the advantages of deep ultraviolet led have stimulated many new consumer electronics applications, such as disinfection modules for white goods, portable water purification systems, mobile phone sterilizers, etc, therefore, it shows a broad market prospect and becomes a new hot spot for led research and investment after Semiconductor Lighting led. Second, the innovative application of light: using light to relieve pain, located in the cross-disciplinary pain treatment center on the banks of the Esar River in Munich, is the world's first center for treatment using biologically effective light. The center uses Osram's innovative lighting solution for lighting treatment, which is low in cost and affordable in various pain treatment centers, clinics and medical practices. 3. Japan has developed the technology of measuring heartbeat and pulse by LED. Recently, the method of measuring heartbeat and pulse by LED has been adopted by Japanese universities and Toyota. This method is to configure the light-emitting module using LED and the light-receiving module using phototransistors in the touched part such as fingers, using the characteristic that hemoglobin in blood is easy to absorb light of specific wavelength such as green, LED is used to irradiate fingers and its reflected light is used to detect pulse. New Japan Wireless began selling universal pulse sensors that integrate green LEDs and phototransistors in a package in June 2013. It is also expected to realize the way to measure pulse and blood pressure with smart phones by using LED equipped with smart phones as flash lamps. Fourth, Japan Asahi Kasei will put into production the sterilizable ultraviolet LED well-known comprehensive chemical manufacturing plant Asahi Kasei (AsahiKasei) A test production line capable of mass production of ultraviolet LED with bactericidal effect will be built in 2014. Although the annual production capacity is unknown, Asahi Huacheng is expected to invest billions of yen in its subsidiary Fuji branch, import equipment that can be mass-produced at the initial stage, with the goal of achieving a revenue of 30 billion yen in 2020. Five, German hospital intensive care unit (ICU) Using LED lighting system, CharitClinic in Berlin, Germany has adopted Philips LED lighting system in its ICU. The system can simulate natural light and can also play certain media effects on the ceiling light screen for critically ill patients. The purpose of this is to relax the mental stress of ICU patients. Doctors can input some patient-related data into the system, and the system will adjust the tone and visual effect of lighting according to these data. This system contains a total of 15,400 LEDs, spanning the entire ceiling and the wall facing the patient. VI. The first sleep-assisted LED bulb conforming to biological laws comes out LightingScience, an innovative energy-saving lighting enterprise, launches DefinityDigital series of LED bulbs, which is the world's first lighting product conforming to biological laws, designed to improve sleep, support the secretion of natural melatonin, improve alertness, promote plant growth, and protect wild animals. This product is based on LEDdigital technology by LightingScience for the International Space Station ( InternationalSpaceStation)And the American Antarctic research station (U. S. SouthPoleStation) Developed, breakthroughs have been made in science and technology. This LED bulb can be inserted into a traditional socket, providing bright white light that meets consumers' expectations and is beneficial to health. Seven, LED light therapy to help resist seasonal depression, the United States Portland residents have a new way to resist seasonal depression, this is LED light therapy bar. Now, in addition to cocktails, coffee and local food, the light bar on Morrison Street in Southeast Portland (Lightbar) Light and color treatments are also provided to help Portland residents resist winter depression. Customers can experience different light treatments for free when using laptops or chatting with friends. A wall with colored LED lights will also illuminate the entire space. Eight, Philips LED blue light therapy instrument personal emotional fluctuations have a lot to do with the sun. The study found that blue light seems to confuse the brain and make the brain think it is natural sunlight, thus relieving mood swings. Now philips philips goLITEBLULight portable blue light emotion therapeutic instrument is based on this principle. The core is the high-efficiency, energy-saving and long-life blue LED lamp, which adopts programmable touch design and 12W power and 4-gear brightness adjustment, the flat-panel design and built-in lithium battery can release suitable blue light anytime and anywhere, help relieve stress and adjust mood, and effectively improve body function.
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