AppleWatch pulls Sapphire demand

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-16
AppleWatch will inject double demand into the sapphire industry after its listing, giving the sapphire industry a chance to advance to become one of China's emerging materials industries with competitive advantages. According to reports, mainland manufacturers have taken a fancy to the Taiwan Sapphire factory, and do not rule out shares or strategic alliances. Although the main suppliers of AppleWatch cover glass come from Lansi technology and Bourne optics in mainland China, the Taiwan factory seems to have no business opportunities, but Taiwan's Jingmei has cut into the Bourne supply chain, in the future, Taiwan factories still have the opportunity to accept OEM orders. With the popularization of sapphire applications, the sapphire factories on both sides of the Strait will benefit simultaneously. Coincidentally, Jiajing, which only had a cash increase last year, will handle a private placement of no more than 60 million shares in the near future. The rumor will introduce strategic alliance partners. Jiajing will hold a temporary meeting of shareholders on March 31.
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