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APFE Shanghai exhibition postponed until July 17-19 Day

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-17
In order to support and cooperate with the successful holding of the 'AsiaInfo summit', the 'APFE2014 Shanghai exhibition' was postponed until July 17- Summary held on the 19th: to support and cooperate with the 'AsiaInfo summit' on May 20-Successfully held in Pudong, Shanghai on the 21st ( The summit will be attended by more than 20 Asian countries, and special security and strict traffic control will be adopted)Originally scheduled for May 20- The 10th 'APFE2014' international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition, high-function film exhibition and die-cutting exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo pavilion on the 22nd will be postponed until July 17, 2014- Held on the 19th, the location of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall remains unchanged! 'APFE2014' has been full, and 18000 m² is ready to go. 'APFE' Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and optical film exhibition is a large and influential exhibition of adhesive tape and functional film industry, it was founded in 2007 by Zhengya exhibition. The 'APFE2014' exhibition area is 18000 m² square meters. More than 500 exhibitors from 29 countries will participate in the event. At the same time, the 'China Optical Film Industry Forum' will be held '. Present [APFE2014] The booth is full, and the 18000 m² is ready to go. At that time, the exhibition and forum will attract nearly 20000 industry professional audiences and will also enjoy the industry feast. Brand enterprises participating in this exhibition and forum include: Dongli, le Kai, Kang Dexin, double star, Bo Yi Xin Cheng, Tong Li, Delta, Dao Ming/Teng Hui, Dick, Dai Ling, Zhongneng Optoelectronics, bi ma shi- Xinchangsheng, Itochu, Dow Corning, Wacker, South Asia, naheng, Jinghua, Sike, Siwei, Crown, Qunyi, Fumian ,(Plant) Yuan Chemical, DSCOTEC, Wellco, BMB, Gerber, Andritz, AMM, Hitachi hi-tech, Jin Wei, you Shunfa, Chang Qing, Jia Yuan, Rong Chang, hao de, Jing Wei, bei ren, Jing Yang, Xin Jia Tuo, edvans, Zhongtian, Molong, Ruike, fengri, feixinda, Biller and other industry brand exhibitors. 'Optical film industry solution' and 'coating, slitting and die-cutting processing technology' have become the focus of the new exhibition. Optical film industry is a special new material that China will focus on in the 12th Five-Year Plan, under the protection of many favorable policies and China's huge market demand, the entire optical film industry is moving forward. This year, 'APFE2014' highlighted the 'optical film' industry map. The exhibits include polyester film substrates, optical films for backlights, and other material applications and processing technology equipment. The industry map also extends to optical panels (Sheet)Field. Let exhibitors and spectators gain a broader vision of the optical film industry and learn more about the new trends in the market, while providing opportunities to expand their contacts and promote their trade and technical exchanges. 'Coating, cutting and die-cutting technology' is another feature of the 2014 exhibition. The exhibition will showcase the manufacturing and processing technology of the entire tape and functional film industry chain, from substrate coating, slitting technology to material die cutting/cutting processing, creating a one-stop procurement platform for the industry. At present, the industry is at its peak stage of development. 'APFE2014' can fully display the development trend of adhesive tape and functional film industry, giving exhibitors and spectators a broader vision, provide opportunities to promote their trade and technology exchanges and expand their contacts. The ten-year journey is magnificent. 'APFE' is developing continuously and innovatively to let the industry know more about the new developments in the market, in order to make positive contributions to the development and promotion of the adhesive tape protective film and optical film industry in China, many enterprises have taken part in the exhibition [APFE]The opportunity to expand the territory. July 17, 2014- Welcome to the 'APFE2014 Shanghai exhibition' on the 19th!
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