Anecdotal stories of solar street lamps factory 'golden nine silver ten'

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Unconsciously, will come in September in 2015, entered in September, is to enter the people often say that & other Golden nine silver ten & throughout; , popular point said, the meaning of golden nine silver ten is the peak season, all walks of life in the past season was concentrated to these two months. The solar street light & other Golden nine silver ten & throughout; Here? Or serious said, solar street light industry can have & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; ? Facing now is not good market solar street lamps, all kinds of lighting not afraid slump, and a severe market competition environment, lighting will continue to insist on his own route, do high quality solar street lights, stability of solar street light prices. Market for solar street lamps manufacturer in the future, I think today's solar street lamps market is the trend of The Times, compared with the traditional street markets, in addition to the solar street light price is more expensive, the advantage of the other really is obvious. We believe that the future of the LED street lamp, solar street lights will be more energy saving, environmental protection, and more cost-effective. For the future of lighting, do we think that is enough, with low common heart dream to realize luxury brands. Of course for solar street lamps factory, survival is important. Want to persistent development must have a relatively clear direction of the enterprise, customers, etc. In a dismal market, in order to survive and to pick up will not affect its own brand list, or understandable, but solar street lamps manufacturer must grasp their own direction, deepen cognition, carefully weigh, self-motivated. Season coming over the past two years, many manufacturers said pressure solar street lamps, business difficult to do, solar street light lamp price is very low, and profits is becoming more and more low solar street lamps, even so many shoddy, low-cost products. Form a complete set of lighting for the service of our customers, there are some unconventional can meet customer as far as possible, and in the invest a large amount of capital; Abnormal situation, lighting can be evaluated to customers to solve the problem first, then, not shirk responsibility; In addition to the protection of the market is better, no sales to the customer request. , combined with the product quality is stable, cost-effective, high-quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, achieve the 'one-stop' work style to solve customer problems, provides a complete set of solutions for outdoor lighting projects. Lighting the monthly sales are very stable and constantly on the rise, customer loyalty is high also, outdoor lighting engineering repeat order rate is as high as 70%. In today's market slump, lighting solar street lamps factory with 15 years of industry experience, still maintain a good capital, technology, production capacity, management, and other aspects of the operational capacity. For the current market downturn, lighting has its own way of risk resistance, the next will intensify efforts to develop domestic market, now lighting - in the center of the China's largest outdoor lighting International city street lamp open large marketing center location in zhongshan guzhen international street lamps city E 16 - 17 card, also is very good with their own solar street lamps factory. , welcome the masses of customers to the factory outlets for field trips, and business negotiation! “ Golden nine silver ten & other; Ready, lighting LED street lamp, solar street light!
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