Analysis on the five development trends of China's mould mall in 2012

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-11
The Development Trend of China's mold mall in 2012 presents five major trends. 1. Scale: it is not only reflected in the market occupation scale, construction area and other hardware indicators, but more importantly, the accumulation of brands, products, manufacturing plants and traders in the market. Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of mold and hardware and plastic industry suppliers, said that the construction of the mold mall can not only integrate superior resources, create a professional market, but also gather rich resources in the mold industry chain. 2. Intensification: the degree of centralized integration of commodity varieties, services and other functions in the mold mall. A good professional market can not only realize the high concentration of commodities and ensure that buyers can buy the products they need in the market, but also adopt scientific and reasonable functional design, meet the needs of customers to achieve one-stop procurement. The collection of various functions should be fully considered. One-stop service is to combine the functions of procurement, distribution, logistics, catering, leisure, finance, warehouse, etc, and can become a centralized purchasing point for international buyers. At the same time, in the market, the trading means are complete and the functions are complete, which truly meets the needs of modern procurement. 3. Specialization: make enough articles on specialized words. China's mold industry is divided into metal stamping molds, injection molds, die-casting molds and many other doors. When purchasing goods, buyers hope to purchase in one place in order to reduce the purchase cost and improve the purchase efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of large purchase. 4. Internationalization: the circulation of mold products must be further internationalized, showing the situation of internationalization of the domestic market and domestication of the international market. The modern Mould City should have the vision and ability of international operation. It must meet the requirements of providing trade venues in hardware and provide the whole process of international trade services in software. 5. Informatization: we should give full play to the role of information technology in competition and extend a single product competition to the entire supply chain. Through the market information inquiry system and Internet technology, a virtual trading platform for merchants and buyers will be set up. The establishment of electronic shops has greatly broken through the limitations of traditional trading areas and formed creativity for cross-regional marketing to open up markets and international procurement.
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