Analysis on the development of lighting industry in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-10
Some people used to describe the 2013 of China's household industry as moving forward in difficulty, but used pain and happiness to describe the Chinese lamp industry. According to statistics, on the premise of environmental difficulties in the building materials and home furnishing industry, lamp enterprises have achieved 100 performance growth against the market. In the new 2014, will the lighting industry continue this brilliant performance? What new trend will the lamp industry usher in? The small editor intends to analyze and discuss the market environment, consumption upgrading, channel reform, product design, service concept change and other trends, so as to ask the way for the lighting industry in 2014. The third plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee emphasizes the construction of urban-rural integration. Under the general trend of urbanization of agricultural population, consumption is also facing upgrading, lamps also have a good opportunity to enter thousands of peasant families. The key reform direction decided by the central urbanization conference is to vigorously develop small towns, expand small and medium-sized cities and restrict megacities. Lamp enterprises will face a huge rural market. With the acceleration of the process of urban-rural integration and the increase of farmers' income, the rural market will become a potential cake. Intelligent lighting industry and traditional battle intelligent lighting is not a new topic in the industry. As early as a few years ago, intelligent lighting has appeared frequently in the industry, but at the same time, most intelligent lighting stays at the stage of high school and has not really spread among consumption. The big advantage of traditional personalized customized lamps is that they can meet different specific needs according to different groups of people. However, in the process of research and development of intelligent lamps, it is bound to require expensive research funds. This expenditure will eventually be borne by consumers of intelligent lighting, therefore, intelligent lighting can only take the consumption route in the initial stage of implementation, and it is difficult to popularize in the middle market. Suitable aging and environmental protection of spring 2013, China usher in a elderly population growth peak aging population to 2. 0. 2 billion, the aging level reached 14. 8. Industry insiders said that with the acceleration of the aging of the social population, the household industry is also seeking opportunities for aging. In product design, it will pay more attention to the needs of the elderly. At the same time, with the frequent occurrence of smog weather in major provinces of our country, environmental protection has become a hot topic of common concern to consumers. Serious environmental pollution is the heavy price paid by the extensive economic development for more than 30 years. Therefore, the future energy conservation and environmental protection industry is the development direction, and the same is true for lamp products. As the core part of the room, personalized lamps are obviously of great significance to consumers whether they are environmentally friendly. Health, environmental protection and green road will be the main body of the lighting industry in the future, and more consumers will incorporate environmental protection into the reference of product selection. The standard implements and eliminates the chaos in the lamp market. The personalized lamp industry has completed the process from scratch, from existence to development, and now forms a concept of home life. With such rapid development, on the one hand, people in the industry are more and more optimistic about the prospect of personalized lamps; However, on the other hand, the rapid pace of development has failed to keep up with the relevant standards and norms of the personalized lighting industry, resulting in frequent chaos in the customized lighting industry. Nowadays, it is the common understanding of many lamp enterprises to change from selling products to selling services. In today's personalized lighting industry, from consumer selection of samples to styles, to product wattage, installation and distribution, all are linked to the service of merchants, the advantages and disadvantages of the service have a direct impact on the brand image of lighting enterprises. Jiuzheng building materials network interprets 2014 and looks forward to the future of the industry. Under the influence of many favorable policies, driven by channel changes, and promoted by the upgrading of service concepts, china's lighting industry is bound to reach a higher peak and popularize more and more Chinese families with a more perfect and mature attitude!
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