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Analysis on market scale trend of China's LED lighting industry in 2016

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-20
The LED market is dominated by Asia, the United States and Europe. The main manufacturers are Japan's Nikko chemical (Nichia)And Toyota synthesis (Toyoda Gosei) , Cree in the United States, Philips Lumileds and Osram in Europe (Osram). The above five major manufacturers have a relatively complete industrial chain and have strong technical strength in the upper reaches of the industrial chain, monopolizing the product market. With the continuous development of LED industry, the number of LED enterprises is also increasing rapidly. Japan, the United States, Europe and Taiwan and South Korea, which are located in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, are gradually shifting to emerging markets with lower manufacturing costs. China's LED lighting industry started in the 1970s s. After more than 30 years of development. A relatively complete LED industry chain from upstream materials, Midstream chip preparation, downstream device packaging and integrated applications has been formed. Most manufacturers start from downstream packaging and gradually enter upstream epitaxial wafer production. At present, there are few LED enterprises in the upper and middle reaches in China, which makes the industrial concentration of epitaxial wafer and chip industries higher; However, there are more enterprises involved in downstream packaging and application fields, but there are fewer enterprises forming scale effect, with low industrial concentration and relatively fierce competition; As the domestic labor cost is relatively low in developed countries and the government has issued more preferential policies for LED industry, in recent years, large foreign LED manufacturers have come to China to invest and set up factories, and the international packaging industry has gradually shifted to China. At present, the domestic LED industry clusters are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Economic Circle and the Fujian-Jiangxi region, among which the Pearl River Delta region is a region where China's LED packaging enterprises are concentrated and the packaging industry is large, the number of enterprises accounts for about half of the country. The region has gathered many manufacturers and agents of packaging materials and packaging equipment to complete the package. Domestic LED the industry chain link representative enterprise as follows: China LED industry typical enterprise layout 2014 China semiconductor lighting industry overall scale to 350. 7 billion yuan RMB is 2013 the same period growth 36. 2015 China semiconductor lighting industry overall scale to 424. 5 billion yuan RMB is 2014 growth 21 and past 10 year after year were more than 30 of growth rate compared growth decreased significantly. 2006- 2015, china led industry market scale chart 2015 China LED epitaxial chip link output value of about 15. 1 billion yuan is 2014 growth about 10 because MOCVD equipment quantity of increase and capacity utilization has improve, the output of epitaxial wafers increased by 31 compared with 2014, and the output of chips increased by 40. However, as the price of chips dropped by nearly 30, the output value increased less than the output; LED package link overall development smooth output value reached 61. 5 billion yuan with the part enterprise significantly expansion capacity is 2014 increase 30 more than plus early capacity of release LED package device yield overall growth up to 50, the average price fell by more than 30, dragging down the output value growth of only 19; The industrial scale of LED application field has reached 347. 9 billion yuan. Although it is affected by the continuous reduction of prices, it is still a fast-growing link in the industrial chain, and the overall growth rate of application is close to 22. Among them, LED general lighting is still the main driving force for market development, with an output value of 155. 2 billion yuan, a growth rate of 32. 5. The penetration rate exceeds 30, and the proportion of the application market also increased from 41 in 2014 to 45 in 2015. Although the output value of the three major industries has achieved growth, the growth rate of each link has dropped significantly, indicating that China's semiconductor lighting industry has begun to turn into a new normal of medium and high-speed growth. 2006- Industrial scale of China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2015: 100 million yuan
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