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Analysis of survival means of domestic lamp hardware accessories in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-03
According to statistics, in the next five years, the annual output value of China's lighting industry will maintain a growth rate of more than 20, which will inevitably bring considerable profits to the lighting hardware accessories industry. However, it is understood that despite the promising market prospects of upstream enterprises, as a downstream lighting hardware accessories enterprise, it is currently facing a development dilemma. The increase in cost and the long time will bring invisible pressure to low-profit enterprises. In the past two years, the rapid rise in prices has caused the raw materials of hardware accessories companies to rise, and the main pressure comes from labor costs. Due to policy-based industrial transfer, compared with the mainland, the Pearl River Delta region has no obvious employment advantage. Many migrant workers choose to go back to their hometowns to work, so that the Pearl River Delta region is frequently suffering from labor shortages. As a result, enterprises only have high salaries to hire workers. In the past, the basic salary was 1500, and many people rushed to do it, now I can't recruit anyone for 2000. Inferior products disturb the market of accessories. In the lighting hardware accessories industry, many manufacturers have neither obtained industrial and commercial licenses nor formal production channels, thus avoiding many taxes and insurance costs, more importantly, they have reduced the conventional costs of mold opening, design, procurement, etc. They only need a screwdriver to produce assembly parts. It is difficult for the buyer to find any difference in appearance; In this way, other suppliers are in a dilemma. After the customer comes, they always say which one is only selling how much, and they are trying to lower the price. The original profit is thin, so the market can only be a melee, a mess. The threshold is low, and the growth of lighting hardware accessories manufacturers is like Miscellaneous peanut trees. There were not so many manufacturers of light source accessories two or three years ago, and the business was good at that time. In the past two years, hundreds of homes have been added at once, and the corners and corners are all accessories. The price is prevailing, and even at a loss. Take the ancient town's large lighting hardware accessories city as an example. For the same LED3W bulb, it is found that the height is 12 yuan and the low is 1. 8 yuan, and even some also advocate that only 2. 6 yuan. Even the capital can't be saved. According to jiuzheng building materials network, most of the people who did this trick made money two or three years ago. Now they have squeezed a number of newly opened manufacturers at low prices, waiting for others to die, his price can also rise again. Marketing channels are aging, and sitting on the ground and waiting for customers to become the past. In order to save costs, many lighting hardware accessories enterprises have not set up a marketing team. They basically rely on the store to attract investment. Such customers are relatively limited. If the location of the store is not ideal, it is difficult to receive orders. A lighting company said: in addition to this store, there are three stores. In terms of turnover, this is poor. You can see that there are very few people in this market. It is not easy to receive orders. Price war is still the main means of competition, and the big way for factories to fight against competitors in the industry is price war. At present, for most lighting hardware accessories enterprises, price war has become their main means of competition in the face of cost pressure caused by rising raw materials. According to industry insiders, China's enterprises engaged in the production of lighting hardware accessories are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, among which Guangdong ancient towns are concentrated. From the perspective of product series, lighting accessories enterprises mainly have more than ten kinds of hardware, glass, wood, fabric, Crystal, etc. , but few manufacturers specialize in producing hardware accessories for lighting finished products enterprises, most of them are integrated with other industries. On the one hand, the overall output value of the lighting industry is relatively small; on the other hand, the lighting industry has low technical content, and vicious competition has led enterprises to explore more other fields. The cost pressure brought about by the rise of raw materials is quite large. For the profit of a few cents, hardware accessories companies are also rushing to sell. An accessory purchaser said that the development confusion faced by lighting hardware accessories enterprises now, in addition to the price increase of raw materials, it also includes low-price competition, rising land labor costs, poor marketing, lack of brand awareness, and technology that cannot keep up with the trend. Therefore, it is still crucial to improve oneself.
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