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Analysis of new trend of LED industry in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-05
In 2015, with the gradual increase of the great leap forward in the reform of China's electronics industry and the continuous upward trend in sales of consumer electronics products, we are fully optimistic about the electronics sector. Under the market background of slowing growth in the electronic terminal consumption market, we will focus our investment in 2015 on the two investment paths of new technologies, new applications, new cycles and state-owned enterprise reform. New technology IGZO technology LED flip: IGZO technology is rapidly rising as a new technology. Compared with other technologies, IGZO has higher comprehensive cost performance. a- Si upgrade IGZO has a cost advantage, and we expect IGZO technology to rise rapidly. Compared with formal and vertical packaging, chip flip-chip technology has the advantages of bearing large current, good heat dissipation, uniform coating of fluorescent powder, no gold wire risk, easy module integration, etc. We are optimistic about the development prospect of flip-chip technology. New application fingerprint identification Sapphire wear application: Apple has been guiding the development of mobile phone and tablet market with its strong technology and fashion ability. Judging from the products released by Apple, in 2015, we recommend focusing on fingerprint identification, Sapphire and smart wearable devices. The success of Apple TouchID has attracted other terminal brand manufacturers to follow suit. For example, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Meizu and other brand factories have also introduced fingerprint identification into their models. We expect that smart mobile devices equipped with fingerprint identification function will erupt in 2015, and mainland manufacturers in the fingerprint identification supply chain are expected to usher in a profit outbreak. At present, Sapphire has been applied to Apple's camera cover and fingerprint identification design. AppleWatch also uses sapphire material as a protective cover. We expect Apple to import this application into iPhone/iPad and other products. Apple's strong industrial design ability makes AppleWatch a beautiful fashion accessory, which is differentiated from other wearable products and forms a popular fashion brand. We predict that with Apple's powerful marketing, AppleWatch will be a new trend of smart wear. In the new cycle, the panel industry will return to Chunyan and LED will shine all over the world: the winter in the panel industry has passed, and we expect the increase in the supply of large-size panels to be limited in 2015, however, the process of large-scale products such as televisions, mobile phones and tablets will continue to push forward the strong demand for large-scale panels. It is expected that the supply and demand of the panel industry will tend to be balanced in 2015, and the performance of panel enterprises is expected to further improve in the future. Since 2014, the source of the LED industry's prosperity has been the general lighting market. Affected by the improvement of upstream chip technology and the rapid decline in prices, the price gap between LED lighting and traditional lighting products is gradually narrowing, and the cost-performance advantage of downstream LED lighting products has emerged. In the future, with the increasing penetration rate of LED lighting, the industry will have a solid support. The Great Leap Forward of the reform of state-owned enterprises and traditional industries China core world made: as the cornerstone of the electronics industry, information security has increasingly become an important focus, and the Great Leap Forward of the reform of China's traditional electronics industry is imperative. Since this year, China's integrated circuit industry has undergone a series of major changes. In addition to the establishment of the national integrated circuit industry fund in October, there have also been many mergers and acquisitions at the enterprise level.
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