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Analysis of LED bulb lamp market in April

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-25
LEDinside's new LED bulb retail price survey shows that this year (2015) In April, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W was about 1. The decline of 0 reached 11. $8; The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W is 0. 1 decline, the price remains unchanged, still 15. $9. The price decline in Europe and the United States is more obvious, especially in the UK; Prices in the Asian region have been reversed, especially in mainland China. Low-priced inferior products have gradually withdrawn from the market, resulting in a rebound in overall prices in the short term. Replace the 40W part, the UK region, following the March price is 4. After the decline of 7, April continued to show 4. A drop of 6. Some products with rising prices in the previous period have been returned this month. For example, Osram6W470lm bulb lamp, the price dropped to 8. 07 US dollars, a drop of 35; Auraglow7W480lm bulb lamp, the price dropped to 6. $2, a drop of nearly 30%. Others such as Toshiba7. 5W470lm, Philips6W470lm bulb lamp, the price drop is also large. Prices in Germany have maintained a downward trend since entering 4Q14, but the decline has slowed down, with prices falling by 2. 5% in April. 1. The prices of some well-known brands such as Samsung, Toshiba and Osram have been lowered. In Asia, prices in Taiwan fell by 5. 5% in April. 9, some merchants take promotional measures, pull down the overall market price, such as Zhen Mingli 8W450lm bulb lamp, the price fell to 3. 04 US dollars, a drop of more than 50%. In mainland China, prices rose by 4. 5% in April. 1. Prices have risen for the first time since 2015. Some low-priced products have withdrawn from the market, while others have increased their prices. For example, the price of sanxiong Aurora 5W500lm bulb lamp has increased by 6. 5%. 55 to 2. 47 dollars. Price fluctuations in the rest of the region are not large, and exchange rate is the main factor in price fluctuations. The retail price of LED bulb lamps replaced the 60W part, and the UK showed a 6-year decline in April, which was the region with a large decline. The prices of most products have been lowered, and the prices of a small number of products have dropped significantly. Such as Philips9. 5W806lm bulb lamp, the price dropped to 6. 2 US dollars, a drop of 38; Osram10W806lm bulb lamp, down 25 to 11. $18. Prices in Germany fell by 2. 6. The price fluctuation of most products is small. Prices in the United States fell by 2. 8. Prices of some products fluctuate greatly, including Philips, Osram and other brands. The price increase in mainland China was 1. 1. The withdrawal of low-price products from the market is the main reason for the increase in average prices. Prices in the rest of the region remained stable. Low-priced and inferior products were delisted. In April, the price of bulb lamps in mainland China increased in a short period of time. Mainland Chinese manufacturers have always occupied the market with low prices, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. With the development of the industry, low-priced inferior products are gradually being abandoned by the market. The industry reshuffle continued, and small manufacturers gradually withdrew from the market. However, in the long run, the short-term price reversal is only a response to the market demand for products at this stage, and prices will continue to decline, however, the reason for the decline will gradually shift from market competition to technology competition.
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