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Analysis of fire prevention scheme for LED display screen

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-29
Late last year Guangzhou Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport electronic screen fire loss heavy; Recently, it was also reported that the LED display screen from a certain brand in the WCBA Beijing venue burned out the smoke, which once again aroused widespread concern in the industry and had to cause us to ponder. How to effectively avoid LED display fire and improve product safety and stability is in front of all LED display suppliers. As a provider of LED display solutions, xinyasheng Optoelectronics traced back to the source and analyzed several major causes of the LED display fire, giving you reference and warning yourself all the time. Power wire: the quality of the wire on the market is uneven. The spools of many wires are copper-clad aluminum. The appearance looks like copper wire, which is actually aluminum alloy wire; This kind of thread is generally used for temporary use and cannot be used on regular products at all. There is also the copper problem of copper wire, the problem of insulation layer, the problem of wire diameter (Generally, it is required to display 1. More than 2 times equipped) As long as these problems neglect one of them, they will bury hidden dangers and bring great disasters in the future; Second, power supply: refer to inferior power supply, or use the rated power of the power supply to the maximum extent, resulting in long-term overload of the power supply (Generally, only 70 of the rated power of the power supply can be used) , Then the power line terminal is inferior and contact is not solid, these may become the cause of fire hazards; Third, PCB board: its own materials are inferior, the copper coating is thin, the design is unreasonable, the process is poor, and the copper wire has burrs and other phenomena, which will cause circuit short circuit and become the source of fire hazards; Fourth, the heat dissipation system. When the LED display screen works at high temperature, the heat dissipation problem becomes the first problem to be solved. If the design of the heat dissipation air duct is unreasonable, it is easy to cause dust to accumulate on the fan spindle, power supply and mainboard, resulting in poor heat dissipation, short circuit of electronic components and blocking of the fan, thus causing fire. Fifth, service and maintenance. On the one hand, the display screen supplier did not systematically train the purchasing customers, resulting in irregular operation. On the other hand, the display screen supplier did not carry out regular maintenance on the sold LED display screen, or the later maintenance was not detailed and timely, resulting in the inability to find abnormal situations in time. I. Wire rod: the internal integration of the LED display box independently developed and produced by xinyasheng Optoelectronics integrates display, drive and reception, simplifies the internal structure, and only has external power lines and signal lines, from the root cause, the hidden danger of short circuit caused by aging or damage of the line is eliminated. The power cord has always been a copper core wire that adopts a well-known domestic brand and has passed the national 3C compulsory certification. It leaves enough space for power use, with a large operating current of 1. 5% when the display screen is turned on. 2 times to determine the wire diameter, so that sufficient protection is given in the wire diameter; Second, power supply: We use customized power supply to strictly control and screen all materials. The rated power of the power supply is 1. 5% of the power of the box when it is working at full load. 4 times. When the ordinary power supply is at 50℃, the efficiency will drop to 70, while our power supply can still have 100 efficiency. Third, PCB board. The 4-layer board design is adopted, the wiring is strictly in accordance with IEC/EN/UL60950 standard, and the thickness of large copper coating is 4 OZ. For PCB incoming material inspection, we have a professional IQC team and a perfect incoming material inspection process to ensure that each PCB board has zero burrs and effectively prevent potential safety hazards caused by short circuit of PCB board lines. Four, turbine cycle heat dissipation design and manufacturing technology, firewall type safety barriers. The LED display screen developed and produced by xinyasheng Optoelectronics adopts a turbine circulation heat dissipation system. When the power supply temperature reaches 50℃, the turbine heat dissipation system starts automatically, and the outdoor fan start can be freely adjusted according to the use environment. At the same time, the top cover of the control box is a large-area full aluminum fin cover, and the power supply is directly mounted on it, so that the heat can be directly exported, thus greatly improving the heat dissipation effect. Scientific heat dissipation design and excellent manufacturing process have added firewall-type safety barriers to products. 5. The products have passed strict reliability tests: We have complete laboratories and large staff training centers in the industry. From the raw materials and the whole production process, we have a strict quality system to check. The company's laboratory runs 24 hours a day and conducts sampling tests on each batch of materials; Each link has the person in charge of the self-inspection system and the safety system, and regularly trains and evaluates the operation specifications and quality awareness of the personnel in each position. Sixth, the systematic service mechanism avoids the potential safety hazards caused by improper operation and untimely maintenance. Xinyasheng Optoelectronics has established a systematic service mechanism to provide customers with standardized and detailed operation training services and standardize daily operations when selling products. If the customer has special requirements, xinyasheng Optoelectronics will provide professional technicians for on-site installation support. One month after the installation of the project, xinyasheng Optoelectronics will conduct regular telephone return visits to find abnormal situations in time and solve them. When customers hold major events, we can send technicians to escort them on site. From pre-training to post-maintenance to on-site protection, the one-stop service mechanism avoids the safety hazards caused by improper operation or untimely maintenance. Seven, safety certification, strict quality control. Xinyasheng photoelectric products have passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CCC, CE, FCC and TUV certification, and have implemented full and comprehensive quality management and meticulous quality control procedures, it is always expected that all aspects of shipment will be controlled, and defective products will not be accepted, manufactured or flowed out.
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