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Analysis of Current situation of LED flat panel lamp driving power supply

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-29
According to the survey data, at present, in the domestic emerging projects, the application penetration of LED in outdoor lighting has almost reached 100, and the penetration rate in public indoor lighting projects has also exceeded 80, in the home decoration, it has penetrated. As the integrated ceiling industry, which focuses on the home decoration market at this stage, LED lighting and decoration technology have been fully applied. It is an indisputable fact that LED light sources are widely used. In the development of integrated ceiling in the past ten years, in the lighting application, I have experienced the incandescent bulb of Yuba, Shi Ying halogen spotlight module, electronic fluorescent lamp module, LED straw hat lamp bead module, up to now, the evolution of lighting and multi-functional combination modules mainly based on side-emitting LED flat panel lamps has been characterized by the continuous progress of lighting technology on the one hand, and more importantly, the consumer market's cognitive progress and consumer demand for lighting. However, under the trend of the rapid development of integrated ceiling industry and the popularization and application of LED, due to the lack of standards for LED flat panel lamps and government technical supervision, some speculators flocked to it, in the industry, there is no technology, no research and development, no quality control, no bottom limit, one table, two screw cones, three or four people, and a large number of shoddy workshops. In the market, there are a large number of LED flat panel lamps with short service life, poor light color and light efficiency, and even leakage accidents. Users complain continuously and dealers have no door after sales, it has greatly hit the market's confidence in LED flat panel lamps and affected the healthy development of the industry. Here, let's dissect the bad phenomena in the LED flat panel lamp market, especially in the LED flat panel lamp market within the integrated ceiling industry, from a technical point of view. I. At present, the LED light source devices used in LED flat panel lamps have the characteristics of small size, appropriate power, high light efficiency, easy light control and heat dissipation, at present, LED flat panel lamps range from early 3528 to later, to SMD4014 lamp beads, which are mainly used at present. We have done a comprehensive understanding and sampling test of LED lamp beads used in multi-level factories in the integrated ceiling industry. Many workshops in the industry have adopted low-quality and inferior lamp beads with small chips ( The excellent 4014 lamp bead chip size is 10*30, while the low-quality lamp bead chip size is below 10*18), Low light output; At the same time, its encapsulation colloid and fluorescent powder are of low configuration, and copper wire with small melting point (Quality lamp beads with gold thread), Iron bracket ( Quality lamp beads are made of copper brackets or synthetic materials with high thermal conductivity) , So that in the process of use, it is easy to appear light decay ( It's just getting brighter at the beginning, and it's not very bright):)Even the phenomenon of burning dead lights is frequent. At the same time, in the integrated ceiling distribution center of a certain town, a certain city, a certain province, a special underground factory collects unqualified lamp beads screened by various packaging manufacturers in Shenzhen and other places, and uses inferior substrates for patching, then, Chinese cabbage is sold to local LED lamp assembly workshops on the street ( Ordinary consumers are difficult to distinguish without comparison) , Color temperature consistency is poor, color drift is large, there are many problems. Second, the current situation of the core component driving power supply, because the LED lamp bead is a low-voltage starting semiconductor device, the basic requirement is to use a matching low-voltage power supply to drive, and requires a constant current, current too high there the light fades fast time slightly longer lights ji an even burn light. At present, there are mainly three technical schemes for LED driving power supply: 1. Resistance, capacitance and voltage reduction: simple scheme, few devices, low cost and no constant current. The LED lamp configuration of 3W and below is mainly used, and there is a danger of leakage caused by breakdown of the lamp board, so the structural shell of the lamp body must be insulated; 2. Non-isolated power supply: the cost is moderate, IC constant current is adopted, but there is also the danger of leakage caused by breakdown, and the structural shell of the lamp body must be insulated. 3. Isolated Power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good safety. In order to achieve better light emitting efficiency, LED flat panel lamps generally have slender strip structures. Therefore, in order to ensure the heat dissipation of LED lamps, all aluminum structures are now mostly used as cavities with heat dissipation effect. For the non-insulation of aluminum lamp body, isolation power supply must be adopted to ensure basic safety, and at the same time, continuous and constant current can be provided to ensure the long service life of lamp beads. At present, there is no limit to the products in the integrated ceiling industry. They cut corners, using resistance, capacitance and voltage reduction, and non-isolated constant current power supply; In order to blind the market, it is also used to fill the inferior colloid, which is known as moisture-proof and waterproof. In fact, it is afraid of the inferior driving scheme. At the same time, there are also differences in whether the scheme is reasonable, whether the configuration is comprehensive, whether the device is stable, whether the circuit is scientific, and whether the process is rigorous. Here, just take the circuit board, the inferior drive uses the paper core board, which is easy to absorb moisture. In the process of use, it is easy to cause the line to be short-circuited; The high-quality drive uses glass fiber board, which has the advantages of stable line, moisture resistance and durability. In the production process of the drive, the high-quality drive of the standard manufacturer adopts automatic patch and automatic wave soldering, no confusion, no virtual soldering, which is not satisfied by the workshop process of inferior products.
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