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Analysis of brainstorm management mode in LED enterprises

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-16
Recently, there have been news of the so-called broken capital chain and the boss running away all over the country. In fact, under the market economy environment, the survival of the fittest is normal. The so-called capital chain rupture is only a phenomenon, and it is not the actual root cause of enterprise bankruptcy. If an enterprise has strong market expansion ability, good brand reputation, high quality, strong profitability and proper management, it will not close down even if it is short of funds due to market expansion needs. The reason for the break of the capital chain is nothing more than the following reasons: first, the blind investment expansion of enterprises, lack of market analysis and risk control ability, lack of follow-up of enterprise management talents, lack of follow-up of product quality control, and lack of improvement of market expansion have led to difficulties in enterprises and broken capital chains. Second, for large-scale projects or other projects under tender, due to vicious competition in the market, enterprises cannot get out of the Whirlpool attraction of winning at low prices, which leads to shoddy products and no guarantee of quality, there is a problem with the quality, which eventually leads to the failure of the funds to return normally and the funds to break. Third, the financial risks were not assessed and controlled in time, resulting in involvement and trouble. At present, the domestic market upstream and downstream enterprises generally adopt monthly settlement, quarterly settlement, and even half-year settlement and annual settlement. If the enterprise does not control the financial risk in time, the customer's operating status is not timely grasped, blind shipment and delivery, with the aim of pursuing market share and sales promotion, will result in the involvement of customers in bankruptcy. Once the involvement of enterprises is greater than the high financial risk warning of enterprises, there will be a multi-meter bone effect, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the capital chain. There is also the weak management ability of the enterprise, the weak expansion of market products, and successive years of losses, which led to the collapse of funds. No matter which of the above reasons, as a decision-maker of an enterprise, especially a manager of a small and medium-sized enterprise, we must first control financial risks in a timely manner, predict and evaluate the payment ability of customers, and cannot blindly accept orders; We should fully analyze and predict the expansion of the market, evaluate whether the human and property capabilities needed for expansion match, and estimate the market demand brought about by expansion, achieve the three-dimensional analysis of strategic level and tactical level, and can not blindly invest in capital expansion and brainstorm management; We should pay attention to the quality of products and improve the cost performance on the premise of quality first, instead of sacrificing quality, blindly taking orders and entering the whirlpool of price war.
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