Analyses the solar street light selection and widely used

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

choose crystalline silicon solar battery, solar street lamps without protection valve control type sealed battery ( Gel battery) Electrical energy storage, super bright LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and intelligent charge and discharge control device, is used to replace traditional common electric lighting lamps.

the whole light not on. Used for outdoor lighting, solar street lamps are often faced with high temperature and rainy, cold climate, rain and snow and solar street light control device equipment in their light pole, a brief constitute its water to control short circuit phenomenon. First query the terminal of the manipulation of the apparatus for water rust, if there is may control device has been damaged, no battery voltage measurement, such as V power supply system, solar street lamps below the battery voltage. V battery has no electricity storage, demand more substitutions.

to view the discount day if there is a voltage panels under normal operation condition, the output current. Not just panel is damaged, replace panels. The above are no problem, you should check the light source, only through to the light source power, to see if light, no light, replace the light source. Light time is short, short rainy day continue to moment. Usually battery storage to tone down, battery is sufficient. Replace the reasonable storage battery.

solar street lamps light source is not complete. Many solar street lamps use dot-matrix LED light source, in addition to the LED light source itself quality problems, some lamp bead welding will constitute the situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp bead, the welding strength or replace the whole street lamp head.
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