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An often overlooked advantage of LED

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-11
Now most people already know that LED is a new light source for energy conservation and emission reduction. But there is also a big advantage that is often ignored, that is, no pollution and environmental protection. We know that Mercury is an extremely toxic substance, but almost most of the high-efficiency electric light sources currently used contain mercury. The mercury content of various electric light sources is shown in the following table: 26mm fluorescent lamp metal halide lamp high pressure sodium lamp energy-saving lamp (10mm)Various LED25-45mg20-25mg12-14mg10- 15mg0 and Mercury boiling point is very low, can be evaporated at room temperature. After a waste discarded light source is broken, mercury vapor is immediately emitted to the surrounding area, and the mercury concentration in the surrounding air can reach 10- 20 mg/m3, exceeding the high allowable concentration of mercury in the air stipulated by the state (Is 0. 01 mg/m3)1000 to 2000 times. According to Stanford University's research on Mercury, 1 mg of Mercury is enough to pollute 5454. 5 kilograms of drinking water, so that it does not meet the safe drinking standards. The consequences of air and water pollution caused by mercury are very serious. CH3Hg will be generated after being eaten by living things in water. This is a highly toxic substance, which can kill people with only half an ear spoon. Mercury itself can destroy the central nervous system, and the effect of reproductive defects caused by it is also very serious. Mercury can also damage the kidney and liver, and can even lead to death in sufficient doses. Mercury can be transferred in different ways in soil, water flow, even atmosphere and food chain. Therefore, persistence, portability and high bioconcentration make Mercury one of the environmental pollutants that attract attention at present. The serious mercury poisoning incident in history is considered to be the Minamata disease incident in Japan. At that time, hundreds of people died because the water in Minamata Bay was polluted by Mercury. Now the Japanese government has learned a lesson and demanded that all waste fluorescent lamps must be treated with toxic substances, therefore, those who purchase ordinary fluorescent lamps must pay twice the price to advance the treatment fee for this toxic substance. The Chinese government has distributed 0. 1 billion energy-saving lamps free of charge, although the mercury content of low-mercury energy-saving lamps specially made abroad can be reduced to less than 5mg ( I don't know if the Chinese government has issued such a low-mercury energy-saving lamp) However, it does not reduce its harmfulness at all, because the mercury content of such a low-mercury energy-saving lamp is enough to pollute 27. 27 tons of drinking water. 0. 1 billion energy-saving lamps are enough to pollute 2. 7 billion tons of water, equivalent to the amount of drinking water for several years. Because there is no special recycling organization and recycling regulations in China, most fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are buried like ordinary garbage, and both fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps use extremely fragile glass as their shells, therefore, the mercury in it must be escaped, and because of the high proportion of Mercury, it is easy to sink and penetrate into the groundwater, and then be drunk by humans and animals. The consequences are unimaginable. In particular, the broad masses of the people know almost nothing about the harmfulness of Mercury. In addition, all electric light sources that use mercury vapor to emit light use electrons to bombard mercury vapor to generate ultraviolet rays. This kind of ultraviolet ray is also an environmental pollution. Its main wavelength is 2537 angstroms = x 10-10m = 253. 7nm, called UV-C ultraviolet ray. About 60 of the electric energy consumed can be converted into ultraviolet rays, other energy (About 40)It is converted to heat energy. Visible light is released by absorbing ultraviolet light by fluorescent substances on the inner surface of the lamp tube. Different fluorescent substances emit different visible light. Generally, the efficiency of converting 'ultraviolet light' to 'visible light' is about 40. Therefore, the efficiency of fluorescent lamp is about 60x 40 = 24, which is about 3 ~ of tungsten lamp with the same power ~ Five times. That is and 100-(40 + 24) Ultraviolet rays of = 36 are not converted into other energy and directly radiate on the wall of the glass tube. Ultraviolet rays of 36 pass through the wall of the glass lamp tube to about 94, so there may be 36x 6 = 2. 16 UV-C through the glass tube. UV- C is already a DeepUV to the human body, which is extremely harmful. GE singular of the United States recommends that humans should not be exposed to fluorescent lights for more than 16 hours. The damage of ultraviolet rays to human body is the total amount accumulated throughout life. This is very important for girls who love beauty. Not only that, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps also have microwave radiation. A Taiwanese scholar measured the microwave radiation of his home energy-saving lamp. The results are as follows, when the light is not turned on, at 0. 5- In the 3GHz bandwidth range, the microwave radiation measured in the house is 0. 5% per square centimeter. 011 microwatts (0. 011 W/cm2) After opening a 60W incandescent lamp, the microwave value remains unchanged; After changing into a 15W energy-saving lamp, the microwave value is as high as 50 microwatts per square centimeter (50 W/cm2)It is 5000 times that of incandescent lamp. Another 26W energy-saving lamp has a microwave radiation value of 100 microwatts per square centimeter (100 W/cm2) It is 10000 times that of incandescent lamp and almost higher than mobile phone. However, the national microwave health standard is 50 microwatts/cm2, so it has exceeded the national microwave health standard. The electromagnetic wave intensity of the 15-watt energy-saving lamp is about 70 milligauss, and the electromagnetic wave intensity of the 26-watt energy-saving lamp is 80 milligauss. 60 watt incandescent lamp is almost 0. Because the mechanism of fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp is exactly the same, the microwave radiation of fluorescent lamp will only be higher than that of energy-saving lamp, and will never be lower than that of energy-saving lamp. This kind of microwave radiation can cause dizziness. It is not known what diseases will be caused. Japanese research shows that people who work in front of computers for a long time are twice as likely to get glaucoma as others. It is important to know that computer liquid crystal displays also use cold cathode fluorescent lamps similar to fluorescent lamps as backlights. The LED lamp is a completely environmentally friendly product that does not contain mercury, and there is no ultraviolet radiation, but its driving power supply has extremely low microwave radiation. The use of this new light source completely eliminates all kinds of pollution, so it can be called a real green light source.
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