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AllSeen Alliance releases standards for wireless lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-17
The third party assumes that if the new framework of AllSeen Alliance is popular, wireless lighting may soon become a more convenient technology for consumers. The AllSeenAlliance Alliance, which aims to promote the Internet of Things standard of AllJoyn mesh network, has created an intelligent lighting device. The Alliance proposes a standard on how wireless lighting should be interused with other electrical appliances and people. This means that any device running the AllJoyn open source protocol designed by Qualcomm will have code to control the bulb. So when the light is dimmed, the AllJoyn smoke detector can make AllJoyn turn on the light again, or AllJoyn can dim the light when the lg TV is automatically turned on. The advantage of a single lighting control standard is that most of the interactions are pre-configured and attached to the equipment, and people do not need to use manual control when they do not want to do it. In addition, consumers do not need to design programs that interact, and developers have already compiled relevant programs. This new standard is called the lighting service framework (LSF)It will take effect at the end of this year. This standard can not only control lighting between different equipment, but also provide a channel and platform for lighting communication between third parties and different manufacturers. Of course, manufacturers must implement the lighting framework of AllSeen Alliance. As a wireless lighting with many ways at home, I feel very honored. Wireless lighting company LIFX chief technology MarcAlexander will take office on the LSF committee. LIFX has implemented AllJoyn technology. In addition, other companies including August and Sproutling and Revolv have also implemented the technology. The AllSeen Alliance has more than 60 members in the past 10 months, including brands Electrolux, Microsoft, LG, Haier, Bosch, etc. However, I would like to see how Philips is developing. This manufacturer, like Wink, which is dominated by popular tone lamps, may become popular with $15 LED bulbs with competitive prices.
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