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Advantages of LED miner's lamp

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-03
At present, the LED unit luminous flux of 'China Building Materials Network' has been greatly increased, making it possible to use high-power LED lighting in more occasions. Due to reasons such as research and development cost, technology application and use concept, the cost of this technology is still relatively high, however, LED lighting has a series of inherent advantages such as energy saving, longevity, safety, environmental protection, maintenance-free, etc. , making it an application trend and irresistible to replace traditional light sources. The successful application of high-power LED light sources in some special lighting fields is exactly the embodiment of this trend. The miner's lamp belongs to the mine explosion-proof lamp. The miner's lamp is used on the helmet and has a high frequency of use, and the daily working time is more than 12 hours, therefore, there are higher requirements for the weight of lamps and the luminous flux, illuminance, discharge time and service life of bulbs, and these indicators are often contradictory, if the luminous flux of the bulb is required to be large and the illumination is high, the color temperature of the bulb or the power of the bulb need to be increased, but increasing the color temperature of the bulb will greatly reduce its service life and the bulb will be replaced frequently, increased security risks. However, increasing the power of the bulb will inevitably increase the capacity of the battery to ensure the continuous working time of the miner's lamp. As a result, the volume and weight of the lamp will increase, bringing inconvenience to the miner's carrying and work, therefore, the incandescent bulb currently used in miner's lamps is a key factor restricting the improvement and development of miner's lamps. Because high-power white LED has the advantages of small volume, high luminous efficiency, small power consumption, long service life and the like, this problem can be well solved. LED miner's lamp has the following advantages: 1. Using advanced fourth-generation solid-state light source, the service life is theoretically 100 thousand hours. It can not only ensure that the bulb does not need to be replaced during the life of the miner's lamp, but also eliminate the hidden danger of the accident. 2. Illumination at the beginning of lighting (1 m) Up to 1200lux, the illuminance is still greater than 600lux after 11 hours of lighting, effectively improving the working conditions of miners. 3. The new high-energy battery is small in size and large in capacity, and the continuous lighting time after one full charge is not less than 15 hours. 4. It has completely changed the split structure mode of the traditional miner's lamp cap and battery, weighing less than 200g, and is very light to wear. The working temperature of traditional miner's lamp incandescent lamp is as high as 2500 degrees, while the working temperature of high-power LED miner's lamp LED light source is only less than 60 degrees, even if the lamp cap is smashed, it will not detonate gas, the application of mature electromagnetic power supply management technology has fundamentally solved the hidden dangers of traditional battery short circuit, liquid leakage, explosion and other aspects. Therefore, the application of LED in miner's lamp in the future will quickly replace all markets of incandescent miner's lamp.
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