About solar LED road lighting failure problem discussed in this paper

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-03
LED street lamp serious droop problem, need to solve fundamentally from LED heat dissipation technology. LED street lamp serious droop, leading to install in less than a year of certification acceptance of LED street light can't through the use of units. As for the LED street lamp serious droop 'from the root of the LED heat dissipation technology is needed to solve.
LED road lighting failure causes of
temperature is actually LED road light failure, the key problem of LED street lamp must stuck in this link. LED lights because light power is greater than the household lamps and lanterns, so manufacturers in the cooling plate fins, the design of the cooling module so painstakingly, assembly should be on the outside of the lamps and lanterns of the cooling module, and protected from weather erosion of the lacquer that bake. But the external protection of paint to the heat of the heat dissipation module and sealing the back, lead to bad heat dissipation LED epitaxial droop.
glow LED epitaxial heat belongs to the small scale of concentrated heat, application in high power lamps, power input power is big also, LED the interface temperature is quite high, under the street light long time continuous work, such as the heat dissipation module not effective heat dissipation, can affect the service life of the LED and light, LED street lamp serious as current light failure is caused by these factors. LED street lamp is used outdoors, interference factors with environmental climate, so most of the manufacturers is to LED street lamp radiator shell with anode protection, or spray paint, in order to avoid the erosion of acid and alkali substances. Anodization of life is not long, time is a bit long or oxidation discoloration, if you want to remove the heavy industry, not only time-consuming and labor will increase maintenance cost; Paint protection cost is low, the effect of protection, but generally no cooling function of the lacquer that bake, paint body itself will form the blocking effect, and then increase the LED street lamp radiator thermal impedance, not only did not help, but because the heat sealed inside the radiator, LED power reduction, and finally leads to serious droop. The above has been in the LED lamps and lanterns industry exist serious problems, almost is the public acceptance of LED street light cannot pass procurement unit.
LED road lighting failure solving Suggestions
to solve these existing problems, Suggestions street lamp manufacturers, starting from the basic material of fundamentally by inside and outside of solving the problem of high power LED heat source. For example, in the light emitting component and aluminum substrate bonding, heat conduction glue can play a key role, some manufacturers think thermal conductive film or coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive rubber gasket is better, the film thickness is as thick as possible, don't want to thermal resistance. Met again good thermal conductivity, thermal resistance of film thickness. And thermal conductive film or soft thermal conductive gaskets, and not the real and substrate or joint surface in fact there are many pores. These pores under the electron microscope to watch, like empty air pockets, which is another form of thermal resistance. Under so many interference heat conduction thermal resistance exists, the efficiency of heat dissipation of thermal conductivity virtually was decreased.
with lower thermal resistance of thermal conductive adhesive, recommended construction of screen printing soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive. Construction of the soft screen printing ceramic thermal conductive adhesive is different from the traditional joint type thermal conductive film, soft ceramic heat conduction glue is soft and half liquid in a screen printing machine blade coating on aluminium substrate, the thermal conductive particles can penetrate into pores on the surface of the substrate and to fill to the full. This will form a complete flat without pore surface, and LED epitaxial plate bonding will be completely closed. Thus reduce the thermal resistance to the lowest degree, heat can be conducted away quickly, reduces the temperature of the LED grain, naturally also prolongs the service life of epitaxial and significantly delay the onset of droop. Moreover due to the construction of the soft screen printing ceramic thermal conductive paint is malleable, baking at high temperature or back to welding, will change together with the aluminum plate heat bilges cold shrink, stress is very small, not cause aluminum substrate warpage, more won't explode plate.
to protect the outside of the LED lamps and lanterns of LED lamps and lanterns is recommended for the soft radiating ceramic paint. The spray type soft ceramic thermal spray paint can be directly on the external LED lamps and lanterns, operation is simple, can adapt to various shapes of the cooling structure, can also be adjusted to different colour, according to the demand of the landscape design. Spray type radiator paint inside the soft ceramic particles, is through nanoscale chemical processing, fine particles is not only easy to spray gun, also let the same coating area of the thermal conductive particles on the more and crowded, make temperature volatile through the area of the loose is bigger, make LED lamps and lanterns, heat conduction out quickly. Soft radiating ceramic paint type belongs to thermosetting material, meet the RoHS environmental protection safety specification, construction procedure is simple and without any special tools, after baking hot setting, but for a long time under the high temperature of the LED will not have a qualitative change. Used in outdoor LED street lamp, landscape lamp or LED advertising billboards, also will face the wind and rain, acid rain, bird droppings, dust and smoke emissions hELlip; And so on of acid and alkali. So this kind of type soft radiating ceramic painting must have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, the resistance to ph range in PH3 ~ 11, can effectively protect the LED outdoor lamps and lanterns is not eroded appearance.
the cost of the LED lamps and lanterns as encapsulation technology, loading board design, heat dissipation module structure material development, and continuously improve quality, cost, too, as the technology development and market demand. But investment in material improvement, there are few manufacturers and this is mainly on the development of industrial and commercial behavior related to Taiwan. Taiwan manufacturers than process and design, research and development on the basis of the material less weight. So in solving technical problems, or reduce the cost issues, such as preferred procurement or production management thinking. But Japan manufacturers points in the first time, can think went up from applied materials, from the Angle of innovation to reduce costs, improve quality and increase the profit.
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