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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Landscape scenery complementary street lamp lighting is a city business card, is a sign that the many urban landscape lighting, beautiful and colorful scenery complementary led street lamp lights decorated the city the night of the colorful, not only beautify the urban environment, but at the same time promote the tourism development of the city. Wind-light complementary system to the led lamps and led landscape lamp power supply, scenery complementary basic don't consume conventional energy, led street lamp installation does not need transmission line construction, convenient, simple, is the ideal lighting products. Scenery complementary led street light wind and the sun heat for street lamp power supply, without an external enterprise electricity - vertical axis scenery complementary led street light wind turbines is rotational axis vertical to the ground, the design is simple, the impeller needn't to change and adjust the wind direction. 1. Safe design of scenery complementary street lamp system design, vertical blades connection fastening, design of forming an organic whole, without rotor speed. Greatly increase under the streetlights pedestrians, safety coefficient. 360° The wind in all directions, fan is not affected by the wind, can adapt to frequent changes in wind direction and wind speed, wind energy utilization rate is high. 2. Wind-light complementary led lights with high efficiency using direct drive permanent magnet synchronous generator, the outer rotor machine core, low starting torque, can increase the wind power substation conversion efficiency, reduce the mechanical loss. Turbine blade natural wind started, and turn the power all the time, in a low area capacity is higher than the average wind speed axial fan. 3. A new generation of mute shock design high quality high strength permanent magnet motor, a new generation of no noise top design, vibration to generator operation, rod bearing pressure and resonance. Vibration control, super mute. Scenery complementary led street lamp shape is different from the horizontal axis of the fan commonly, increase visual appeal and beautify the landscape effect. Especially suitable for landscape lamps, improve humanities landscape atmosphere. 4. Scenery complementary widely used led lights installed place less restrictive conditions, whether it will area, suburb, coastal area, mountainous area is applicable. Vertical axis wind turbines, there is no limit to the range of wind turbines, very suitable for street light project. Scenery complementary led street lamp is a new high-tech product, scenery complementary led street lamp production has high requirements on quality and system design, it is also a powerful scenery complementary led street lamp manufacturers to ensure that it, so want to choose and buy good quality scenery complementary led street light, the first thing to choose good solar street light manufacturer. The above provided by lighting. More questions, please click on the picture on the right counseling online customer service.
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