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a solar powered beverage cooler to save electricity

by:ALLTOP      2019-11-21
Due to the current uncertainty of electricity, it may be time to consider other ways of producing energy.
Solar energy is a good source of environmental energy and sustainable development.
So it\'s not surprising that many people are looking for alternative energy sources to ensure that their restaurants and bars continue to thrive during the blackout.
Since the grid is under so much pressure that there is not enough energy to move around, it would be a good thing if everyone could do their part by saving energy or using alternative energy
For the bar, it would be nice to know that there are other options for catering equipment to keep drinks frozen without the need to plug them into the grid.
One of the options is husky\'s solar beverage cooler, called Frigorex solar 200.
Frigorex Solar 200 is a beverage cooler with Solar panels that produce zero emissions and is a natural energy source.
Solar energy is renewable and sustainable, it does not rely on the grid, so it can operate independently even when power is out.
The advantage of solar energy compared to generators is that it is silent.
It does not make any noise when the generator is very loud.
It sounds like a very distracting motorcycle engine.
In addition, the biggest advantage of solar power is that the sun is everywhere, so you will always have a running drink cooler.
The initial cost of solar panels and the corresponding equipment seems expensive, but since then there is no cost for solar energy.
Imagine not having to pay the electricity bill every month, and we all know how expensive the electricity bill is especially for bars and restaurants.
This catering equipment will be powered by the sun, so it is suitable for any organization that wants to save energy.
You may think that the solar beverage cooler may be different from the traditional electric drink cooler, but please think again.
Frigorex Solar 200 has dual integrated Solar panels with integrated Solar charging controller and integrated sealed deep cycle batteries;
Therefore, it provides an efficient DC cooling system.
In addition, in order to keep the cold air inside, it has a gray safety shield glass with a low radiation rate coating.
Frigorex Solar 200 is an efficient Solar catering device that can benefit any bar or restaurant that wants to drink a cold drink and save energy.
While this may be an expensive machine, you can find a model in the sales of catering equipment, where you can save more.
All you need to do is keep your eyes open and see when the refrigeration sales are coming, usually at the end of the summer.
You can bargain or you can get such a unit by saving money.
Either way, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of a solar beverage cooler.
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