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925 street lamps with smart chips appear in Jiangcheng

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-18
The Wuhan street lamp administration introduced yesterday that 925 smart street lamps with smart chips are first in Jiangcheng, and the street lamp department can understand the real-time situation of each lamp through the chip. This smart chip is equivalent to the ID card of the street lamp and records all the information of the street lamp from delivery to retirement. Zhang Shengyu, deputy director of Wuhan street lamp administration, said that with this chip, once the street lamp fails, the management department will know immediately, which will greatly improve the efficiency of fault handling. In addition, there is also a two-dimensional code on this smart chip, and citizens can enter the street lamp administration page by scanning the two-dimensional code to report for repair. It is understood that there are currently a total of 925 lamp such street lamp in Taiwan North Road, evergreen three-way, construction all the way and 17 a section on the pilot October 1 before Wuhan will be built 4. 50 thousand smart street lamps.
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