9 airbag Toyota overbearing 2700 original LED light price reduction Gospel

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-15
[img] /uploads/allimg/131102/27-13110215115C49. JPG [/img][img] /uploads/allimg/131102/27-131102151226122. JPG [/img][img] /uploads/allimg/131102/1514354 b3-0. jpg [/img]Recently, Tianjin Port (600717, stock bar) The editor of the Binhai Station of the mouth free trade zone, learned from Tianjin Shengxing International Trade Co. , Ltd. that the original New Toyota overbearing 2700 Middle East version of the nine airbags has arrived at the store, and the existing car configuration in the store is rich, the dealer's golden autumn feedback price reduction gospel is coming. For details, please contact the dealer. The vip vip 24-hour car purchase Tel: 15122393717, the recent car purchase friends may wish to pay attention. Toyota Prado new price change table model color current price (10,000 yuan) Preferential range configuration Toyota Prado 2700 Middle East edition nine airbags telephone discussion telephone discussion preferential 9 airbags headlights cleaning peach wood steering wheel refrigerator original factory LED luggage rack pedal Tianjin Binhai area dealer October 31, 2013 market, the original imported Toyota overbearing 2700 Middle East version of the design is a breakthrough, the first period is the headlights, using the lamp shell convex design, the lamp body also added to improve the lighting safety lens design, the grid of the water tank is designed as six sets of double spokes. The front face is more angular and more aggressive than the old one, and the front is surrounded by outward expansion, showing off his strong body and infinite strength. [img] /uploads/allimg/131102/1514354142-1. jpg [/img]Toyota overbearing 2700 Middle East edition (Appearance) The space inside the Toyota Prado 2700 is very quiet. At low speed, you can hardly hear the sound outside the window. The control area is equipped with mahogany decorative and metal decorative strips as decoration. The whole layout is reasonable and compact, and the overall interior decoration is fine in workmanship, high-grade in material and prominent in style. The cylindrical instrument panel has a strong sense of movement, and the white background light with high contrast makes the reading clear. [img] /uploads/allimg/131102/1514355 I1-2. jpg [/img][img] /uploads/allimg/131102/1514351416-3. jpg [/img][img] /uploads/allimg/131102/151435 Na-4. jpg [/img][img] /uploads/allimg/131102/1514354124-5. jpg [/img]Toyota overbearing 2700 Middle East edition (Details) The Toyota Prado 2700 has a sharper and more combative exterior, allowing it to drive on the road and win the admiration. Note: The specific current car configuration is subject to the actual product in the store. The price of the automobile market is changeable, and the price information in the article is the real-time price of the day collected by the editor in the market, subject to the day. At the same time, this price is the individual behavior of the dealer, so the price in the text is for reference only. In addition, the picture in the text is a picture of the model data, and the price information has nothing to do with the location of the picture.
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