9 advantages of solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

advantage a energy-saving

solar street light is for solar light, solar panels can give a battery in the daytime. In the evening, when need lighting, battery will start to power a light source is used. The sun light energy for us human beings is the inexhaustible energy. Alternating current (ac) and ordinary mains street lamp is usually supply, need to consume large amounts of electricity.

advantages of two green

solar street light is green products, will not cause harm to the environment, has become a noble ecological village to promote a new selling point. The only possible pollution is the battery, but if you can't use, also have battery recovery, so customers don't have to worry about the problem of pollution.

advantage three safety

is due to the solar street lamps - V low voltage, voltage stability, reliable operation, there is no potential safety hazard, ecological communities, highways department ideal products. Relative to the conventional street lamp, solar street lamps stronger security, because he is very low products, so is safe. Didn't get an electric shock and fire disaster accident happen.

advantage four convenient installation

don't have to ditch buried lines, the relatively small quantities, as long as a cement base on installation, with stainless steel screws on the line. So the solar street lamps can be installed in most of the space environment.

advantage five taste high

technology products, green energy, use the unit attaches great importance to science and technology, green image, level rise;

advantage six long term investment less

equivalent (one-time investment and alternating current (ac) Alternating current (ac) investment from the substation, into electricity, control box, cable, engineering) , an investment, long-term benefit; Because solar street light without electricity, as long as an input, no maintenance costs, generally two or three years can recover the investment costs and benefits.

advantage seven applicable range

the sun's energy comes from the nature, so that there is sunshine can use, particularly suitable for green landscape lighting, high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions in coastal landscape lighting and ornament, industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprises, street lamp, outdoor lighting some universities and colleges.

advantage eight long life

the main components of solar street lamps, solar panels, service life is very long, solar lamps and lanterns USES LED lighting, the lighting is particularly long service life, high hours.

advantage nine management costs low

it's battery USES natural light, can be recycled, without external power supply, the source of green environmental protection, when the sun is insufficient to a certain extent, can automatically adjust the switch solar street lamps, truly the unmanned guard, all-weather work.
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