876 sets of LED light source lamps were officially put into use, and Jiujiang struggled to improve t

876 sets of LED light source lamps were officially put into use, and Jiujiang struggled to improve the city's taste and people's livelihood happiness index!

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-19
Recently, the road lamp renovation project around Lushan Mountain was successfully completed, and 876 sets of 70 w led light source lamps were installed and officially opened. This marks the improvement of the lighting quality of the road around Lushan, and the safety of the citizens at night and the overall image of the city have been improved. It is understood that as early as 2008, Jiujiang city implemented the road lighting project around Lushan Mountain, which greatly facilitated the travel of the masses along the mountain county, and also enhanced the tourism image of Jiujiang city. However, with years of use, the original solar street lamp battery has already reached its service life. 55W low-pressure sodium lamp has low luminous flux. Some street lamp poles are damaged due to collision of traffic accidents, the lower lighting rate affects the night traffic and landscape effect of the road. In order to comprehensively improve the quality of the city and the happiness index of people's livelihood, and continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city, the renovation project of road lamps around Lushan was started in March this year. The renovation project is located in the southeast of Lushan and starts from Weijia helicopter airport in Lianxi District in the north, it passes through Gaolong township, Haihui town, Bailu town, Lushan South Avenue, Wenquan town, and the intersection of S212 National Highway and dujiu Expressway in the South. Duan Weijia helicopter airport to Fujia village, Bailu town; The second paragraph is from Bailu Primary School to raojiashan, Longwan; The third paragraph is Hujia village at the intersection of zhujiawu to S212 National Highway and dujiu Expressway. The main content of the transformation is to replace 876 sets of all batteries; The original 55W low-pressure sodium lamps were all replaced with 70 w led light source lamps; Remove the original solar cell module and replace it with a new polysilicon solar panel, thus ensuring that the street lamp works at full capacity for 8 hours a day and can still maintain normal working requirements in rainy days for more than 5 days. In addition, 57 sets of damaged lamp poles were replaced and 118 sets of new lamps were added. At the same time, the renovation of the street lamp can not only effectively improve the night lighting of the road around Lushan, but also produce better energy saving and environmental protection effects.
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