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6 m solar street lamp solar traffic lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
Don't need the conventional energy, saving electricity through solar panels, drive the normal operation of traffic lights, this is our installation of traffic lights. According to relevant personage says, solar traffic lights not only light and bright, the key does not need to laying electric

we don't need the traditional energy, we use solar panels to store electrical energy, and drives the normal operation of traffic lights. This is our installation of traffic lights. According to concerning personage introduction, solar traffic lights lighting not only bright, and there's no need to laying cable, save electricity, clean and environmental protection. Our colleague came to a place with solar traffic lights, saw a black solar traffic lights on the solar panels. Traffic light is very bright and stable. Don't need any power supply, as long as there is sunshine, light can be put into use. The traffic police on duty said to my colleague. Traditional lamp requires continuous power supply, and the solar energy light is energy saving and environmental protection, maintenance cost is low. The staff said, solar traffic lights are installed in only a few low traffic flow of intersection, mainly because of solar traffic lights is still at the experimental stage. In general, solar traffic lights on the weather, temperature and sunshine, especially the sunshine have special requirements. If four or five days of rain in a row, I worry about the light battery is low, lead to traffic lights don't work. Therefore, solar traffic lights has not been widely used in urban areas, this requires a process. There are advantages and disadvantages. Although solar signal lights light up in rainy day, environmental protection and energy saving of these two points can't hide. I believe that after the testing phase, solar lights will have a big traffic intersection. Let's wait and see. lamp
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