500 thousand LED lights illuminate the 'dream Jiangbei mouth', attracting tourists to stop and enjoy

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-23
Enjoying the night view in Chongqing, the dream Jiangbei mouth light show must not be missed. As a light show in the central business district of Chongqing CBD, Jiangbeizui light show uses a lot of high-tech equipment. Unified linkage and ever-changing lighting effects are achieved through DMX512 data transmission protocol, rgb w color-changing lamps, Internet of Things remote control system and other modern equipment, it is realized by using 12 buildings and nearly 500 thousand LED point light sources. With the changes in the lights of the Chongqing Grand Theatre, the lights of the 12 buildings have also changed, and together they form a dreamy and fascinating lighting picture such as the moonlight of the lotus pond, the depths of the bamboo forest, and the golden wheat fields. With the constant changes of the lighting scroll, the patterns on the scroll are sometimes in this building, and sometimes fly to another building, attracting countless tourists to stop and enjoy.
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