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4G technology 'come forward' smart home or become a new growth point

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-24
After several years of foreshadowing, smart home is no longer a high-priced commodity, but gradually begins to be close to the people. Ordinary people find that they can buy the smart home system enjoyed by the former rich only by spending a little money. Holding a mobile phone can handle their daily life and lead a real lazy life. The smart home industry is in a period of market explosion, and the emergence of 4G applications has accelerated the pace of industry affinity. Smart home will become the next market outbreak point. Smart home is an organic combination of various subsystems related to home life by applying advanced communication network technology, it can not only realize information sharing and communication within the home, but also exchange information with the external network of the home through the home intelligent gateway. The main goal of smart home is to provide people with an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment that integrates service and management. Smart home system is the application of the Internet of Things system. The internet of things era will greatly change the way of human life. The industry roughly estimates the market space of smart home from the perspective of potential users: after the cost drops, there will be 0. 1 billion potential home users, assuming that each family's annual investment in smart home is 1000 yuan, that is, there is a market space of 100 billion yuan. The smart home industry will become the next market outbreak point, and the current industry has entered the early stage of explosive growth. Zheshang Securities believes that the acceleration of the development of the smart home industry is mainly driven by the dual engines of smart cities and the internet of things, coupled with the popularity of mobile Internet and the increase in application development, and the expansion of cloud computing from the professional field to the residential consumption demand field, the scale of the smart home industry has expanded rapidly. Zheshang Securities believes that the future smart home industry will form a market of hundreds of billions per year. Smart home faces the trouble of bandwidth network in January 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 3G operation licenses for the three major operators, marking the beginning of China's communication market into the 3G era. The three major operators have launched 3G wireless monitoring services one after another, relying on their own 3G wireless networks to integrate video monitoring with anti-theft alarm and other functions, bring people a new wireless network video surveillance experience. The emergence of 3G has undoubtedly brought an opportunity for the development of home monitoring, but five years have passed and home monitoring has not yet been fully popularized. At present, the main reasons restricting the development of 3G wireless monitoring home application field are as follows: first, 3G has just started its application in the field of wireless video monitoring, and there is no open and unified industry standard, private standards do not have compatibility, and large-scale promotion is difficult; Second, 3G network stability and coverage are the key problems currently existing; Third, the cost of 3G has deterred family users. Although 3G network has been covered in some urban hot spots, the number of 3G base stations is not enough, resulting in network instability in a certain area; There is no 3G network coverage in second-and third-tier cities, economically underdeveloped areas and vast rural areas, which will to some extent become a constraint on the development of the home wireless mobile monitoring market. Among them, there are two reasons: 1. The cost of 3G is relatively high, and it can only transmit standard definition (Including standard definition)The following monitoring video. The networking, intelligence and high definition of home monitoring have become another height pursued by the security industry. However, the intelligence of home monitoring relies on the development of network technology and high definition technology. Low network speed is the bottleneck of home security development, but at present this problem has not been well solved. 4G lays the foundation for the development of smart home industry after the introduction of the concept of smart home in 2000, people have learned about the scene of intelligent life through various media such as TV, advertisements and magazines. The emergence of 4G has promoted the development of smart home. Functions such as mobile phone video intercom and video surveillance have created great opportunities for the development of smart home industry, and have also greatly promoted the concept of intelligence, let the concept of intelligent decoration in the smart home industry be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In particular, the improvement of network uplink and downlink speeds will greatly promote the data transmission of smart home appliances and home security in smart homes. After the host is on a business trip in the field, he wants to see the living conditions or video conversations of the children and the elderly through the mobile phone. Or, when the gangster breaks into the door and breaks into the house, the mobile phone receives the alarm signal and video picture from the sensor, and the owner can check the whereabouts of the gangster at any time through the mobile phone, and can immediately send alarm signals to community security. 4G is a powerful catalyst for the smart home industry. The 4G era is striding forward. Networking, intelligence and data are the common trends in the current industrial development. High-speed mobile broadband will undoubtedly make many technological fantasies gradually become reality, smart home is one of the important ones. The arrival of 4G era will certainly make the promotion of smart home further. The good news of 4G network launched during the year will undoubtedly further stimulate the development of the industry. With the introduction of a series of favorable policies by the state, it has provided a relaxed and comfortable environment for the development of the smart home industry and further established the development confidence of enterprises. At present, enterprises at home and abroad have made every effort to sharpen their knives and cut cakes. While the competition in the industry is intensifying, the prices are gradually falling. The market has even seen a price package of 1,000 yuan, it seems that it is only a matter of time before a high-tech smart home enters an ordinary family, and it will not last long. In such an era of rapid development, 4G will surely lead smart home to the forefront of the times.
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