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3. 15 incoming LED lighting and other quality issues are hot

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-20
The annual 315 International Consumer Rights Day is coming, and the quality issues of cables, LED lighting, instrumentation and other industries have once again become the focus of attention. The quality of LED is heavy. In recent years, although LED lighting has a high-tech aura on its head, it has repeatedly reported that the quality of LED products is not up to standard and has been criticized by consumers, so that we have not enjoyed the benefits of energy conservation and environmental protection, but it has tasted the pain caused by inferior products. Low quality products have seriously affected the reputation of LED in the market, becoming a roadblock to the promotion and popularization of LED lamps and also a stumbling block to the export of LED lighting in China. With the wave of LED lighting replacement, coupled with the continuous improvement of China's trade facilitation level and the rapid development of new trade modes such as cross-border electronic commerce, it is estimated that the export amount of LED lamps in China will increase by about 35 compared with 2014 in 2013. However, LED in our country is often recalled due to quality problems: domestic LED and other Canadian recalls are implemented. The reason for the recall is that the metal contacts of LED bulbs have quality defects and potential safety hazards. The number of recalled products sold in Canada is about 875; The domestic LED flashlight was recalled in the United States. The reason for the recall was: the battery was short-circuited and the flashlight was broken, which caused the risk of burns to consumers. In this regard, industry insiders said that at the time of LED counterfeiting, in addition to resolutely cracking down on product homogenization and uneven quality and other dishonest behaviors, for excellent merchants who operate in good faith, the industry should actively guide and encourage, take the honest merchants as an example, take the honest merchants as a model, and take the data of the industry media as a guide to create a healthy market atmosphere for the LED industry. The quality of cables is a disaster. As the pillar of China's national economy, the status of cables matched with electricity can naturally be imagined. However, the quality of cables has always been a headache in our country. Many unscrupulous manufacturers in the cable industry sacrifice product quality for the pursuit of interests, so that the cable market is mixed with fish and dragons, and the product quality level is uneven. This has also buried many safety hazards and caused many serious accidents. According to statistics, 2/3 of the fire accidents in the country are related to the quality of wires and cables. In the past 10 years, there have been more than major accidents caused by cable quality in the power system. In this regard, China has repeatedly rebuked the current phenomenon of counterfeiting, shoddy, shoddy, and shoddy in China's cable industry. It has also launched a series of anti-counterfeiting activities, but there is still no improvement. Jiang Xi, chairman of the board of directors of Far East Holding Group Co. , Ltd. , said that quality improvement and transformation and upgrading will surely become the main theme of the wire and cable industry in the future, and it is also the way out for the wire and cable industry manufacturers. China's wire and cable industry must accelerate transformation and upgrading, enhance competitiveness, and achieve more product manufacturing. With excellent product quality and a high sense of social responsibility, we will continue to fight against fake and shoddy products from the inside out, and we will continue to move forward with the sword of quality. The quality of instruments and meters has a long way to go. Although China's instruments and meters have made many developments, the technical level of some domestic instrument and meter enterprises is backward, and they are still at the stage of referring to and imitating foreign products, even copying each other in the same industry. There are also some vicious imitations growing, disrupting the market order of the instrument industry and undermining the healthy development of the industry. Some instrument brands are favored by consumers by their own brand influence, excellent product performance and quality, and good after-sales service. The imitations are only similar in appearance, and they cannot meet the requirements in terms of performance, specifications, quality, safety, etc. , and become inferior imitations. Inferior imitations of instruments and meters not only hurt the interests of these original manufacturers, but also the interests of consumers. These unqualified products have endless problems in application, unstable performance, affecting the operation of production equipment, or failing to meet the application requirements, and have great potential safety hazards, which may lead to industrial safety accidents, it has brought harm to consumer applications. These imitations also damaged the interests of the original manufacturers and had a great impact on their brand building, making consumers who did not know the truth lose confidence in their products and brands. In this regard, the industry believes that if the instrumentation companies want to break through these difficulties, they should follow the market trend, meet the market West, and improve the production management and product quality. Specifically, instrument and meter enterprises should cooperate with government procurement to ensure the quality of teaching instruments and equipment, and encourage enterprises to participate in product and quality management system certification. Industrial control China believes that 315 has once again sounded the alarm of product quality in various industries. But I hope that not only on this day can I think of how to control the quality problem, but also to nip the inferior products in the cradle all the time. At the same time, in the process of anti-counterfeiting, in addition to resolutely cracking down on dishonest behaviors such as homogenization of products and uneven quality, the industry should actively guide and encourage outstanding businesses operating in good faith, we will take honest merchants as an example, honest merchants as a model, and industry media data as a guide to create a healthy market atmosphere for various industries.
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