29 provincial electricity prices are lowered, LED enterprises may be in an unfavorable situation-ALL

29 provincial electricity prices are lowered, LED enterprises may be in an unfavorable situation

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-24
At the end of September 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 'notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on adjusting the on-grid electricity price of power generation enterprises' with urgent documents. the on-grid electricity price and cross-provincial power transmission price of coal-fired units in various provinces and regions have been lowered. In the 31 provincial power grids, except for the Yunnan and Sichuan power grids, the other 29 provinces have reduced the on-grid electricity price, which is an unfavorable news for LED lighting companies. Shangpu consulting industry analysts pointed out: In the past, China's LED lighting penetration rate was only 2 ~ 3, the growth momentum is insufficient, has reached 8 in the first half of this year, is showing a rapid growth trend. The advantage of LED lighting is high efficiency and energy saving. Therefore, saving electricity and money has always been the slogan of LED lighting enterprises to vigorously promote and publicize the use of LED lights. However, the reduction in electricity prices means that the advantage of LED to save money is weakened, the increase in electricity consumption for residents is declining, and LED lights are difficult to promote and popularize, which will hinder the demand for LED lighting. Lighting in modern society is an indispensable tool in people's life, so energy consumption is also very large. Using LED lamps in large quantities will save a lot of energy. Under the condition of emitting the same brightness, it also consumes 1 degree of electricity. Ordinary incandescent lamps need 60 W, but they can only be used for 17 hours. Ordinary energy-saving lamps need 10W and can be used for 100 hours, the LED lamp only needs 3W and can be used for 333 hours. Therefore, it can be seen that LED and others have great energy-saving advantages, which will save users a sum of electricity expenses. Therefore, LED lighting enterprises are not happy to see the electricity price cut. On the contrary, if the electricity price is raised, it will bring a spurt of growth to the sales volume of enterprises. After the electricity price was raised last year, there were hundreds of thousands of LED bulbs in the market in the channel market. The sales of major LED bulbs were frequently reported, and a wave of combination of LED factories and channels was set off. The major enterprises also believe that the rising trend of electricity prices has been set, and the popularity of LED bulbs will be accelerated in the future. Therefore, the price reduction has made many companies unprepared and sales have been significantly affected. Shang Pu Consulting in 2013-2016 China semiconductor lighting (LED) It is mentioned in the analysis report on the market prospect and investment value of the industry: Now lowering the electricity price is unfavorable to the development of the lighting industry. Enterprises should keep up with the market trend, study government policies, and speed up innovative research and development, timely launch new technologies and products with market competitiveness, such as Filament products without packaged chip ELC and LED Filament concept, etc. , to actively cope with the unfavorable situation brought about by the reduction of electricity prices.
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