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250 thousand street lamps make Xi'an ancient city more beautiful

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-20
On December 21, the reporter learned from Xi'an municipal public utilities bureau that in recent years, Xi'an has increased the implementation of road lighting and landscape lighting projects. Up to now, more than 1300 sections of the city have installed lighting facilities, with more than 250 thousand functional lights and landscape lights, starting from Jingwei Road in the North, West Avenue in the South, Dongcheng Avenue in the east and houweizhai interchange in the West, the street lamps of the primary and secondary roads in the city have basically achieved full coverage of the street lamps. This year, Xi 'an city regards lighting back streets and alleys as a project benefiting the people. At present, it has completed the renovation of lighting facilities in 29 back streets and alleys, including xiwuyuan, xingqingfang and Mingsheng Street, and installed 280 sets of various lamps, laying 7180 of cables and 8100 of overhead lines. In order to facilitate the travel of the citizens, this year, the lighting facilities of 13 roads have been completed, and 924 sets of lamps and lanterns have been installed, and 22 high-pole lamps have been transformed. In the promotion of road lighting project, Xi'an city highlights the concept of green environmental protection. The street lamp lighting source mainly uses high-pressure sodium lamp and LED lamp. The lighting lamp with high IP protection level and good light distribution curve is preferred. At the same time, promote the use of high light efficiency, electricity-saving products. At present, the city's street lamps have installed 212 power-saving appliances, more than 3700 new high-power LED street lamps, and 182 pilot solar street lamps. Road lighting and landscape lighting have basically realized automatic monitoring. This year 1- In November, the average lighting rate of Xi 'an city's main roads was 99. 06, facilities intact rate 99. 02. A total of 5022 light-on and light-off faults were handled, 359 bases of light poles were repaired, and 2811 calls from the masses were accepted and implemented.
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