2019 probably OLED material into general lighting market

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-26
On late October, the market research institution nanoboxes released a report on the market of OLED lighting materials. The report predicts that the revenue of OLED lighting materials will exceed 1. 3 billion US dollars in 2018. By then, OLED lighting will be widely used in the general lighting market. And, functional OLED material ( Including emitter material, body material, barrier material, transmission material and injection material) Although the current market share is only 1. 7 million US dollars, it may increase to more than 1. 1 billion US dollars in 2019. The market value of processable small molecule OLED materials will reach nearly 0. 4 billion US dollars in 2019, and its growth will also contribute to the reduction of OLED lighting costs. In the field of OLED lighting application packaging, it was less than 1 million US dollars in 2012, exceeded 50 million US dollars in 2015 and reached in 2019. $0. 5 billion. At present, 95 of OLED lighting applications are used for characteristic lighting, such as luxury lamps. However, by 2019, 80 of OLED lighting materials will be used in residential and commercial lighting applications, another 18 will be used in car lighting. It is estimated that the total market value of OLED lighting materials in 2019 will be 2. 8 billion US dollars.
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