2018 three major axes of lighting market development-Smart lighting, niche lighting, emerging nation

2018 three major axes of lighting market development- Smart lighting, niche lighting, emerging national lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-23
Jibang Consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) The new '2018 lighting package and LED lighting market outlook' shows that 2016 ~ In 2019, the scale of LED lighting market gradually increased, reaching 2018 in 327. US $1. 7 billion, reaching US $33. 3 billion in 2019. Replacement lighting has entered Jibang Consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) The new '2018 lighting package and LED lighting market outlook' shows that 2016 ~ In 2019, the scale of LED lighting market gradually increased, reaching 2018 in 327. 1. 7 billion US dollars, reaching 33. 3 billion US dollars in 2019. Replacement lighting has entered a saturation period; Industrial, landscape outdoor, special commercial lighting continued development. According to LEDinside's survey of the stock of installed lighting products, the replacement of traditional lighting by LED lighting products has increased rapidly, with a 2017 penetration rate of 22, and it is estimated that the 2022 will reach 63 ~ In 2022, the stock of LED lighting products CAGR reached 26. In 2018, the market output value of lighting grade packaging reached 71. US $0. 6 billion, the year-on-year growth rate of lighting-grade packaging market value in 2017 exceeded 10. The expected growth rate in is close to 7. 8, reaching 71. $0. 6 billion. Replacement light sources such as bulbs and lamps enter the saturation period; However, the CAGR of industrial lighting products such as Tianjing lamp and commercial lighting products such as troffer, panel lamp and filament lamp is still as high as about 30. 2016- The overall CAGR of 2021 lighting grade LED package is 4. Light quality is still the focus of market attention. LED with high color rendering refers to LED packaging products with CRI over 90. At present, it is mostly used in the commercial lighting market, which is particularly picky about color restoration and light quality, such as museum lighting, retail lighting, food lighting, etc. The current market share of high-performance LED is relatively small, with a market size of about 3. 5% in 2017. $0. 3 billion. However, with the increase in market demand and the development of Packaging Technology in the next few years, it is expected to show a rapid growth trend. 2018 three major axes of lighting market development- Wisdom lighting, niche lighting, emerging countries lighting spindle A: wisdom lighting 2017 wisdom lighting into high-speed development stage market scale close to 4. 6 billion beauty yuan with than growth up to 95, with the maturity of technology, products and the popularization of related concepts, it is expected to reach 13. 4 billion US dollars in 2020. Industry and Commerce are large application fields of intelligent lighting. Because of the characteristics of digitalization, intelligent lighting will bring more new business models and value growth points to these two fields. Main Axis 2: niche lighting LEDinside organizes four niche lighting markets, including plant lighting, medical lighting, fishery lighting and marine port lighting. Among them, the demand for plant lighting in the US and China markets, the construction of plant factories and the demand for greenhouse lighting are the main kinetic energy. Main Axis 3: lighting in emerging countries. Economic development in emerging countries drives infrastructure construction and the increase of urbanization rate. Large-scale commercial facilities, infrastructure construction and industrial zone construction stimulate LED lighting demand. In addition, the energy conservation and emission reduction policies of national and local governments, such as energy subsidies, tax incentives, etc. , large-scale bidding projects, such as street lamp replacement, residential and commercial district renovation, etc. , as well as the improvement of the standard certification of lighting products, they are all promoting the promotion of LED lighting. Among them, the Vietnamese market in Southeast Asia and the Indian market have grown rapidly. In the post-lighting era, the development strategy analysis of lighting manufacturers: due to the high production capacity of traditional lighting, international lighting manufacturers have gradually transformed LED lighting and have far-reaching plans for LED lighting products, the proportion of LED lighting revenue growth is not as good as the manufacturer's own expectations, so it will accelerate the innovation and growth of LED lighting business to achieve profit targets. Representative manufacturers such as Philips Lighting, OSRAM Licht AG, GE (Current), LEDVANCE. Second: the lighting manufacturers whose regional development is the King are simply called national teams or Local King. With the support of the national government, foreign manufacturers are blocked by specifications, bids, tariffs, etc, and policy incentives, subsidies, etc. , to encourage local lighting manufacturers to quickly develop lighting products. The representative manufacturers are Acuity Brands, Panasonic, TOSHIBA, Feile Audio, Opal lighting, etc. , which promoted the penetration rate of LED lighting as high as 60-in 2016-70. Third: owning niche advantages, especially channel advantages, with technical assistance, entering special markets and other emerging lighting manufacturers, whether bulbs or lamps, can use LED lighting products at the beginning, revenue contribution is quite sufficient. The main representative manufacturers such as Feit Electric, Iris Ohyama, etc. , but the revenue and profit are not competitive in manufacturing costs, but the performance is declining year by year. Fourth: enterprises that take the middle and upper reaches of production or OEM business transformation as brands, such as mulinsen, CREE, sunshine, lidexin, etc. as representatives. Based on the Chinese market where lighting production and manufacturing are based, Chinese lighting manufacturers have accumulated a solid foundation for entering the market by taking advantage of the scale of production and manufacturing costs.
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