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2017 Germany iF Design Award announced 3 lighting products won gold medal

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-05
Recently 2017 64th session of the Germany iF international design award ( IF Design Award 2017) The winners were announced. A total of 5,575 design works from 59 countries participated in the selection. The final 75 won the iF Gold Award, including three lighting products. Mijia LED intelligent table lamp, the designer: Xiaomi Technology, the Mijia LED intelligent table lamp, which won the iF Design Gold award this time, highlights the realization of geometric aesthetic feeling on the premise of meeting the hardware requirements, A lot of model experiments have been done on the length and thickness of the horizontal and vertical lamp arms and the size and feel of the knobs, taking into account the hardware requirements and the user's use and experience comfort, and finally choose visual comfort, A plan that is more in line with aesthetic beauty. Even a seemingly simple rotating shaft has to accept all kinds of challenges from the concept of appearance to the realization of technology, and finally achieves the unified coordination of appearance and function. As the finishing touch of the product, a red line makes Mijia LED intelligent desk lamp alive, with more characteristics and character. The IF Design Committee said: this is a well-conceived and minimalist table lamp. It reasonably uses LED technology to provide light source, and the overall shape is harmonious and relaxed. In order to allow users to use it for a long time, the details are also fully considered and processed. ERCO Lucy lamp designer: ERCO GmbH this digital desk lamp called Lucy is specially designed for office space by ERCO, a well-known German lighting brand. It can provide extremely comfortable lighting, whether it is a library, the office is still a private study, and the minimalist lamp body is avant-garde and full of technology. The original intention of this lamp is to improve the innovative working ability through lighting. The lamp cap, that is, the vertical rod, can rotate 180. Three sets of embedded lenses can effectively control glare, the light emitted is softened to achieve the effect of eye protection. The on-line switch can adjust the brightness of the lamp and realize stepless dimming of small 1. Ledlenser MT6, MT10, MT14, MT18 lamp designer: Zweibrder Optoelectronics GmbH Co. KG this new series includes four multi-function flashlights, which set up a new portable lighting standard for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its rich functions and performance, it can be easily used in various occasions, high brightness and efficiency. Full range of flashlights ( MT18, MT14, MT10, MT6) All can be charged with USB, with excellent quality, light and easy to carry. The switch is located at the front end, which is more intuitive and ergonomic in operation. In this way, the user can hold and operate the switch with one hand. Rechargeable fast, advanced focusing system ( Advanced Focus System)Quick focus. This is a beautifully designed technology product. As one of the world's three major Design Awards ( The other two are the Red Dot Design Award and the IDEA Award) , Known as Oscar in the design world, the selection criteria not only focus on the aesthetic feeling of product modeling, but also take into account factors such as performance, environmental protection, brand value, etc.
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