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2017 billion landscape lighting market LED enterprises compete

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-21
Landscape lighting can form a unique feature and style of a city. Local governments also pay more attention to the development of urban landscape lighting and continuously launch landscape lighting engineering renovation projects, it brings more opportunities to LED lighting enterprises. In recent years, benefiting from the implementation of relevant national policies, the urban landscape lighting project has gradually been put on the agenda, and has even become a standard in the eyes of many urban planners. Landscape lighting can form a unique feature and style of a city. Local governments also pay more attention to the development of urban landscape lighting and continuously launch landscape lighting engineering renovation projects, it brings more opportunities to LED lighting enterprises. Take the G20 Hangzhou Summit held in 2016 as an example, the total investment of the city's landscape lighting projects during this period was about 1 billion yuan. LED outdoor landscape lighting has become a veritable new market outlet in the LED industry. According to estimates by relevant agencies, it is estimated that the output value of outdoor LED lighting in China will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2017. In order to alleviate the financial pressure of government infrastructure construction, implement energy conservation and emission reduction of public resources and energy efficiency improvement, and promote market-oriented reform of public resources, many new government projects have adopted PPP mode. Only the tender recently released: Dali city new urbanization Municipal (Urban-rural integration) The PPP project for lighting upgrading and renovation is open to public bidding in China, with an estimated total investment of 51771. 100 thousand yuan; Qingdao built-up area street lamp reconstruction project (ppp)Project ( Project number: Huangdao District 2017094a) Public bidding, with a total investment of about 104. 42 million yuan. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Changchun plans to invest 200 billion yuan to implement projects such as urban lighting. According to the 'two-year action plan for the protection and utilization of Nanjing City Wall' released in April 9, Nanjing will optimize the functional lighting of the city wall this year and next, create a light show to show the historical connotation of the city wall and improve the experience of night tour of the city wall, make the city wall further integrated into city life. Understand the PPP model PPP project is an innovative model for vigorous development under the new national situation and policies, and encourage social capital parties to actively participate in the construction of social infrastructure. Over the past 20 years, PPP has achieved remarkable results everywhere and is widely applicable to various fields of government franchising. According to estimates, from 1985 to 2011, the nominal value of infrastructure PPP was as high as 775. 1 billion US dollars, of which Europe accounted for 45. 6, Asia and Australia accounted for 24. 2, Mexico, Latin America accounted for 11. 4, the United States and Canada accounted for 8. 8, 5. 8. PPP mode has its own advantages: first, it is conducive to improving the efficiency of investment and financing and construction management, PPP mode can effectively combine the government's strategic planning, organization and coordination advantages, enterprise project management and operation, technological innovation advantages and financing advantages of financial institutions to form a multi-party synergy. Second, it is conducive to controlling the debt risks of local governments, especially in the current situation of limited government financial resources, the introduction of social capital investment projects provides an important way to broaden financing channels. Third, it is conducive to promoting the reform and innovation of the financing platform. PPP demonstration project landing rate 49. 7 PPP Center data show that as of the end of December 2016, there were 743 national PPP demonstration projects with an investment. RMB 86 trillion. Among them, 363 have been signed, with an investment of 938 billion yuan; Landing Rate 49. The landing rates of 7, 2 and 3 batches of demonstration were 100 and 62 respectively. 4 and 42. 9. Ministry of Finance PPP demonstration projects approved 22 in 2014 ( At the beginning of 30, 6 have been transferred one after another, and 2 will be transferred soon), The investment amount is 70. 9 billion yuan; The second batch of 205 in 2015 (At the beginning of 206, call out 1), The investment amount is 626. 7 billion yuan; In 2016, the third batch of 516, with an investment of 1. RMB 17 trillion. Xue Tao, executive director of E20 Research Institute, believes that the landing speed of PPP demonstration projects is accelerating, which shows that the government, social capital and financial institutions are gradually adjusting to the pace of PPP transformation. Municipal (Including environmental protection) Transportation is the two giants of PPP investment. It will continue to maintain a double-high trend in the future. The Monthly ranking is only one non-state-owned enterprise. The annual ranking is not seen, but it is estimated that there will be no more than three, it can be seen that in total, the advantages of state-owned enterprises are obvious. Hundreds of billions of landscape lighting cakes LED enterprises to compete for the lighting industry PPP model is also very fast, but the real implementation of the project is rare. The lighting industry is both familiar and unfamiliar with PPP. It is looking forward to this favorable policy of the country, but it has no way to start. This has plagued the construction of government infrastructure, the project landing of engineering companies, and enterprises that want to cut into PPP. However, some lighting enterprises have gradually formed their own advantages in landscape lighting and have successively won the bid for large-scale landscape lighting projects. China's urban construction, especially landscape lighting construction, has started. Compared with European and American cities, China's urban construction is relatively backward and urban landscape lighting facilities are relatively old. With the promotion of China's international status, the enhancement of urban investment and the increase of overseas tourists, the upgrading process of urban landscape lighting and scenic landscape lighting is also accelerating. In the Red Sea Wave of traditional lighting, the advantages of landscape lighting such as high gross profit and high return have become the market focus of more and more LED enterprises.
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