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2017 1- Top 10 LED light bar export enterprises in April

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-15
The controversial rankings are coming again ~ In this issue, we have combed the list of China's LED light bar export enterprises in the first four months of 2017. The list is based on customs data. If you have different opinions, please leave a message after the article. The light bar is another name for the light strip, which is also named for its shape. Common are great wall light bar, LED light bar, LED soft light bar, light bar, FPC light bar, etc. LED light bars are generally divided into flexible LED light strips and LED hard light strips, but they also generally include old-fashioned light strips connected with wires, such as flat three-wire 4. 3 W/M, flat four lines 6. 48 W/M, flat five lines 8. 64 W/m light bar, etc. LED light bars and LED light bars have been widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships, bars and other industries. In the first four months of 2017, China's total export of LED light bars reached 2. 0. 6 billion US dollars, up year on year. 2. In the first four months, the United States ranked first with US $35. 03 million in imports, accounting for 16. Of the market. 98, followed by Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and the United Kingdom, the top five countries in the import of LED tube lights accounted for 48. 7. In the first four months, there were 2347 LED tube lamp export enterprises. The ranking of the top ten export enterprises is shown in the following figure. The total export value of LED tube lamps of the top ten enterprises is 38. 9 million US dollars, accounting for of the filament lamp export market. 85, it can be seen that the concentration of LED tube lamps is not high.
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