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2016 Yiguang non-Blue LED for the first time more than half

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-19
Under the decline in the price of Blu-ray LED, the proportion of non-backlight and lighting operations in 2016 was more than half for the first time. Looking forward to 2017, Yiguang is still optimistic about its own operations. Chairman Ye Yufu pointed out that, IR, vehicle, small-pitch display and Sensor are the main growth momentum. This year's operation is expected to be better than last year, and there is a chance to see 2 digits. Liu Bangyan, general manager of yiguangsheng pharmaceutical business group, retired a few days ago. Chairman Ye Yufu will take over the position and stand on the line to take over the line of physical education. He said that he is eight to ten, to dedicate life to Yiguang. Looking forward to 2017, Ye Yifu is optimistic about the layout of Yiguang in non-Blue LED this year, especially in IR, car, small-pitch display and Sensor, which are the main growth momentum of Yiguang this year. On the small-pitch display screen, due to the increase in resolution, it has great advantages in long-distance viewing. The application has been extended to cinema screens and military applications. Yiguang has received relevant orders from Korean cinemas a few days ago, the screen required for the war room also has potential customers. In terms of vehicle accessories, affected by the certification time, the progress of Yiguang Yuanli factory was slightly behind expectations. In the fourth quarter of last year, it had entered the stage of volume expansion and began to focus on revenue, equipment capacity is estimated to account for 30% of the total vehicle capacity, and the products are mainly delivered to Tier 1 car factory, but Ye Yifu pointed out that the certification Time for vehicle products is as long as 3 ~ In 8 years, last year's revenue accounted for only a single digit, and this year's estimate still maintains this level. In the field of self-driving, Yiguang cooperates with European car factories to combine IR and sensors for detection; In terms of the Internet of Things, Yiguang plans to enter wearable devices, such as heart rate sensors. Last year, affected by the decline in the price of Blu-ray LED, the proportion of non-lighting and backlight operations of Yiguang exceeded 50 to 55 for the first time, a significant increase from 40 in 2015, with small-pitch display screens and mobile phone flash lamps accounting for 17, car accessories are in single digits. With the expansion of non-blue LED layout, Yiguang's revenue and profit this year are still expected to surpass last year.
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