2016 1- In July, Jiaxing's exports of lamps, lighting devices and parts exceeded 2 billion

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-25
A few days ago, the author learned from Jiaxing customs that from July to this year, Jiaxing's total import and export value was 1153. 0. 2 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), An increase of 3. 4. Among them, exports 865. 0. 4 billion yuan, an increase of 6. 8; Import 287. 0. 8 billion yuan, down 5. 6. The same period Zhejiang province import and export value of 12291. 0. 2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2. 5. Among them, exports 9814. 0. 4 billion yuan, an increase of 4; Import 2476. 0. 8 billion yuan, down 2. 9. In July this year, Jiaxing's total import and export value was 181. 0. 1 billion yuan, down 0. 2. Among them, exports 137. 0. 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1. 6; Imports 4. 4 billion yuan, down 5. 2. Export data show that from July to May this year, except for fasteners, the top ten export commodities in our city all showed growth. Among them, lamps, lighting devices and Parts Export 20. 0. 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 51. 9. In recent years, Jiaxing lighting and lighting export enterprises have continuously improved their production environment, improved their own design level, obtained product certification from Europe, America and Japan, and won the international market. At present, the EU has become a large export market in Jiaxing. In the first half of this year, the city's lamps, lighting devices and parts exports 16. 0. 7 billion yuan, an increase of 61. Data show that the total output value of Jiaxing LED enterprises in 2012 was about 17. 0. 4 billion yuan; It increased to 23 in 2013. About 0. 6 billion yuan, the growth rate is 35. 63; In 2014, it reached 4 billion yuan, an increase of 69. 49. As the cost of technology matures and the price of LED products decreases, the industry sales in 2015 will be about 5 billion yuan, up year on year. The whole lamp and LED application scale in the downstream of our city account for about 85 of the whole industrial chain. It is one of the main LED bases in Zhejiang province and has obvious competitive advantages in the same industry in China, A number of key enterprises such as Shenghui lighting and hengnuo microelectronics have emerged. On last June, Tiantong held a 200-kg sapphire crystal conference, which is a large-weight KY sapphire crystal that has been announced in China. Sapphire material is widely used and is expected to become a subdivision application component throughout the terminal. The market demand will grow rapidly in the next few years. Represented by Tiantong holding sapphire substrate, the upstream of the LED industry in our city has grown rapidly, with the layout concentrated on large-scale crystal growth furnaces above 120, 200 and, it has a first-mover advantage in the field of size above 4 inch. In the downstream of the application, Shenghui lighting is the benchmark of Jiaxing LED industry. In last March, the company's brand, Shengdi, brought two smart products, Snap and Boost, to the annual CES consumer show in the United States and won two CES Innovation Awards, become a smart home brand that won this award. Boost products have super-strong WiFi signal extension function. As the first intelligent light bulb with built-in WiFi extender, it can make families bid farewell to the dead corner of the network. Consumers control smart home products through mobile phone APP, it is applied to entertainment, safety and other aspects.
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